Daughter of rock royalty is unmasked on 'The Masked Singer'

Only on a show like The Masked Singer could Triumph the Insult Comic Dog’s guest-judging appearance be the least surreal thing that occurs during the episode. Sure, Triumph got in a few of his classic zingers, like when he described the razzle-dazzling Tree as “the last thing Elton John sees before the Ambien kicks in,” or — my personal favorite! — when he read regular judge Robin Thicke for filth by saying, “Dogs and foxes are natural-born enemies, much like Robin and any woman born before the year 2000.” And Triumph even shared a semi-sweet bonding moment with the Rottweiler, whom he claimed was his illegitimate pup. But the trash-trashing puppet still somehow seemed like a normal, calming, voice-of-reason presence on this totally bonkers program. So, Wednesday brought us another awesome Masked Singer episode — and I don’t mean for me to poop on! But it wasn’t so triumphant for the Ladybug, who was ultimately sent home. Her rendition of Five Seconds of Summer’s “Youngblood” was “spot-on,” according to pun enthusiast Triumph, but as Season 2 nears its semifinals, she could no longer keep up with the remaining clearly professional singers who competed this week. Still, Kelly “The Ladybug” Osbourne does hail from rock royalty, and she did her dad Ozzy proud during her brief Masked Singer run. And Kelly quite possibly was the contestant who had the most fun this season — so she for sure won at life. Dropping her faux Southern accent of the past few weeks, the unmasked reality star/TV host confessed Wednesday in her giggly, famously foul-mouthed British brogue that she’d nearly “s*** herself laughing” every week on The Masked Singer — a comment to which Triumph seemed to relate.