Darius Rucker Rocks Out With Tua Tagovailoa After Drug Arrest In Vegas [VIDEO]

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Despite his recent drug arrest and legal troubles, country music star Darius Rucker was seen performing his heart out with NFL star Tua Tagovailoa. The performance has likely been in the works since Tagovailoa showed off his vocal talents during a December episode of ManningCast.

Rucker was arrested earlier this month due to a February 2023 incident where cops arrested him for drug possession in Tennessee. At the time, cops said they found marijuana, a THC pen, and unidentified purple pills, which are similar to psilocybin.

Darius Rucker Performed In Vegas After His Drug Arrest

"Hootie & The Blowfish' Singer Darius Rucker Arrested for Drug Offense In Tennessee

Darius Rucker recently hit the stage in Las Vegas with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

The iconic singer and songwriter performed “Wagon Wheel” with Tagovailoa ahead of the upcoming Super Bowl. The crowd loved the duo’s performance so much that they joined in on the performance.

According to a video shared online, Rucker was the lead vocals while Tagovailoa hit the chords on his acoustic guitar and also showed off his chords as backup.

The crowd included Giants quarterback Daniel Jones, who brought some of his friends along and seemed to have a lot of fun.

The Las Vegas Performance Has Been In The Works Since December

The performance of Rucker and Tagovailoa wasn’t a random, spur-of-the-moment thing, as it’s seemingly been in the works since December last year.

At the time, Tagovailoa showed off his vocal talents during an appearance on the Manning Cast. He was recorded strumming his guitar as the Jaguars played against the Bengals.

When the video of the performance went viral online, it caught Rucker’s eye. At the time, the “Hootie & the Blowfish” band member, who’s been a fan of the Dolphins for years, said he would love to perform with Tagovailoa sometime soon.

It definitely didn’t take them long to arrange the jam session.

Darius Rucker Has Been Battling Multiple Legal Issues

Darius Rucker's Ex Girlfriend Throws Shade After Recent Arrest: 'Karma'

While he’s busy enjoying the stage in Vegas, Rucker still has to answer his ongoing legal troubles. The singer was arrested earlier this month on three misdemeanors, all relating to an incident from February when he was searched by police and found with several incriminating items.

According to a report, Rucker was found with multiple drug substances when police flagged his car down in Tennessee. Despite the search being almost a year ago, the singer just recently turned himself in to the cops last week.

The arrest affidavit included details of the police stop. The singer’s car was reportedly flagged because the tags on his vehicle looked expired, which police eventually confirmed with their in-car computer.

The Police Found Drugs In Darius Rucker's Car


Cops wrote in the arrest affidavit that they smelled marijuana coming from Rucker’s car, but he denied smoking that evening after being asked. The singer then allegedly said that he might have smoked some marijuana the day before.

When police further searched the vehicle, they allegedly found a THC pen and 14 unmarked purple pills, which Rucker claimed were given to him by his girlfriend, Summer.

When the singer was informed that the cops would pat him down, he handed one cup of a small marijuana blunt from his pocket.

When police eventually tested the 14 unmarked pills, they claimed they were identified as psilocin. This is a schedule I controlled substance that’s similar to psilocybin, which is also known as magic mushrooms.

Following his arrest, Rucker's ex-girlfriend, comedienne Kate Quigley, took to social media to blast the singer, calling his arrest "karma."