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Danny Trejo Reveals Struggle with Erectile Dysfunction: 'Every Man on Earth Has Experienced This'

Eric Todisco
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Actor Danny Trejo is opening up about his recent health issues he has been battling in private.

Trejo, 75, told The Sun about both his secret cancer battle and his struggles with erectile dysfunction. In doing so, he called out men who feel unable to admit their problems in the bedroom.

“Every man on earth has experienced this, and if you say no, you’re lying and I’m calling you a liar,” Trejo said, before adding, “so there you go Danny Trejo called you a liar and now you don’t have to hide it.”

The Breaking Bad star is the new face of Giddy — a “wearable Viagra” that’s said to help men gain and maintain an erection, without having to pop pills, according to the outlet.

“It’s like macho means you can always get it up but I don’t care who you are,” Trejo said. “You can be 25-years-old and if you’re tired, you’ve been working all night, it’s late — sometimes it’s not going to happen.”

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The Machete Kills actor, who also revealed to the publication that he recently battled liver cancer in secrecy, hopes that Giddy can help enhance men’s sex lives without having to use Viagra or other pills, which he tries to avoid doing.

“I’m scared to death of taking too many pills, you know, I literally beat cancer on my liver so I don’t want to start putting stuff in there,” he said. “That’s what’s so good about Giddy, there’s no pills.”

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Trejo said that after the discovery of a 10 centimeter tumor on his liver, he was forced to take injections, as the tumor was too large for chemotherapy.

“They gave me injections right into the tumor, three times, seven needles and boom, after about six months, I came back and they said, ‘You’re cancer free,'” he said.

Despite choosing to keep his diagnosis a secret as he had six contracts signed and was making “major money,” Trejo credits his positive attitude towards helping him survive his cancer battle.

“I’ve lived a good life, I went from underneath the bottom to this beautiful life I’ve got now so I just started being thankful for all the years I have had,” he said. “And I beat it – I’m completely clear now.”