Danny DeVito 'was really honored' by iconic Mean Girls reference: 'It's kind of cool'

One of Danny DeVito's most iconic moments didn't even include Danny DeVito — but he's not mad about it!

When the actor stopped by EW's Comic-Con video suite on Friday to promote his new FXX animated comedy Little Demon, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to ask him if he's seen Mean Girls, which he has. So naturally, we then had to ask him about the line, "Danny DeVito, I love your work!" Hey, we're just doing our job here!

"I remember when that was made," DeVito says of the classic 2004 teen comedy starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and Tina Fey. "I was in the audience, and some friends were involved in that."

Danny DeVito
Danny DeVito

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

He adds, "I was really honored to be in it. They've said my name in a couple movies, I think. The Simpsons movie, too. That was one; I was in that. Yeah. It's kind of cool."

"He's an icon here," his real-life daughter Lucy DeVito, who plays his on-screen daughter in Little Demon, says.

"The Danny DeVito thing," he adds with a smile.

Danny DeVito, we really do love your work. Check out the full video below now:

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