Danny Bonaduce 'Couldn't Walk at All' and 'Slurred Really Badly' Due to Mystery Illness

Danny Bonaduce
Danny Bonaduce
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Danny Bonaduce is shedding some light on his mystery illness.

The Partridge Family alum, 62, said he "was hoping for a diagnosis but did not get one" Monday on ABC News after announcing the health scare and a subsequent hiatus from his Seattle's KZOK radio show The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show in April.

"I couldn't walk at all. I couldn't balance, I couldn't do anything like that," Bonaduce explained of his symptoms, adding that he was "afraid of everything, I was afraid of my stairs, for God's sake."

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He recounted the first signs of his illness showing up in April, when his wife Amy Bonaduce noticed that his speech was impaired.

"She looked really nervous, and she [said], 'You're not saying words, you're not speaking English,'" Danny recalled. "Which of course is preposterous to me. We called an ambulance and took me to the hospital, where I remained for the first five days and remembered very little of it."

Danny noted that although his ailment remains a mystery, doctors ruled out a stroke after conducting an x-ray.

"I just immediately said 'stroke.' I'd seen my dad had a stroke, it was the same thing. I couldn't walk, I couldn't keep my balance, I slurred really badly, I couldn't remember anything," he explained. "And this amazing miracle of medicine, they said, 'You did not have a stroke.'"

The Breaking Bonaduce star returned to his radio hosting gig on Monday and he plans to use his platform to get fans to take control of their health. "There was nothing that said this was going to happen. There was nothing at all. Take time to consider your health, what you're doing. Pay attention," Danny added.

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He first spoke about his illness in April, sharing a photo of himself standing with the help of a cane. "Some news to share," Danny prefaced the announcement.

"I'm taking a temporary medical leave from my radio show. I'll share more when I know more. I'm still working towards receiving a diagnosis. What I know is, I need time to focus on my health," he added. "I love my job and talking to you guys & I'll be back on the air soon."

Danny's sister Celia has since assured fans that they were "not being coy when we say this is a 'mystery illness,'" adding that "the great medical minds of Seattle are at work trying to solve this conundrum." Danny and Amy also shared their gratitude for his fans' support at the time.