Danielle Jonas Says Daughters 'Rule the Backstage' When Joining Dad Kevin on Tour: 'They Have Fun' (Exclusive)

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Danielle and Kevin Jonas share daughters Alena, 9, and Valentina, 7

<p>Ashley Gellman</p> Kevin and Danielle Jonas with their two daughters on tour.

Ashley Gellman

Kevin and Danielle Jonas with their two daughters on tour.

Danielle Jonas' daughters are already pros at tour life on the road.

While speaking with PEOPLE about her recent collaboration with Sanofi and Regeneron, the Danielle Jonas Co. founder and designer, 37, opened up about her daughters' experience on tour with dad Kevin Jonas, who is currently touring with his band, the Jonas Brothers. The couple, who tied the knot in 2009, share daughters Alena, 9, and Valentina, 7.

"I think they're just so proud of them," Danielle says of her two daughters' admiration for their dad and uncles. "And my one daughter, Valentina, she kind of understands what's going on, but not really. So she gets nervous at them, but then is just so excited to see them up on stage."

"And then she says, 'Well, does Uncle Nick [Jonas] love me and does Uncle Joe [Jonas] love me?' And it's like, because there's so many fans that are screaming at them and she's like, 'Well they're mine,'" the proud mom laughs.

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"Then Alena is just over the moon, just excited about it and wanting to bring her friends now. And so it's fun to see how they're reacting to it."

When they join their dad on tour, Alena and Valentina get the exciting opportunity to go behind the scenes. "They rule the backstage," Danielle says. "Soon it's going to be all the kids ruling together, and then the boys are just going to have to deal with it."

As for their favorite part of touring, the mom of two says she thinks "they just like traveling, to be honest."

"I was always nervous to travel with them because I was always afraid, oh their ears are popping on the plane... But they absolutely love being in different places and seeing the cities and then even though it's late concerts, they want to be there involved. So they have fun."

While their father's concerts are the highlight of the tour, there have been some other special moments that the two Jonas girls have experienced while on the road.

"Valentina lost a tooth on tour, her first tooth," Danielle reveals, noting that the tooth fairy was still able to make a special visit, despite the distance from home. "We have to make sure now we have all the supplies for that."

Alena has also been adapting her own sense of style, no longer allowing her mom to pick out her outfits. "She's just been changing a lot...she's dressing herself. She has her own style and all this stuff, and it's like, okay I have to step back. I can't dress her anymore."

As the holiday season quickly approaches, Danielle says her family is already getting into the Christmas spirit. "We're decorating right now for Christmas, so they're excited," she says of her daughters. "We're doing it a little early because we're going to be with the Jonas family for Thanksgiving, so we do it beforehand and they're looking forward to the cookie making."

<p>Sanofi and Regeneron</p>

Sanofi and Regeneron

Danielle is partnering with Sanofi and Regeneron to share her experience with eczema — a disease she says has plagued her for years. "I had a baby and I started feeling certain symptoms and was searching for something to help those symptoms, which was burning and uncomfortable itching on my scalp and stuff," the jewelry designer explains.

When she searched for a diagnosis, she was told that she had eczema. "Then she told me about Dupixent, which they also called Dupilumab, and I started trying it because none of the options I had tried were helping," Danielle says.

"I got my life back with it because I was trying to stay home and everything because I was losing hair, whether it was from that or something else, but the itching and the uncomfortableness...I wanted to stay home because I didn't feel myself, and I tried to get out of things."

In addition to Sanofi and Regeneron, Danielle is partnering with Dr. Annabelle Garcia, a dermatologist based in San Antonio. "There are so many people in the US living with eczema, and Dupixent, we're lucky that it's approved for moderate to severe eczema in patients six months and older. And it works by targeting that underlying inflammation that can be the root of eczema," Dr. Garcia explains.

Because Dupixent can be used on kids, Danielle says that she's been able to rest easy knowing that she has an option in place for her daughter. "Valentina was dealing with a little eczema and stuff, and in the back of my head I kind of knew that she would be able to have something to help her out because this particular drug is for six months and older."

Now that she's feeling better, the proud mom can dedicate more time to hanging out with her kids, including taking her daughters out for trick-or-treating on Halloween.

"They were able to celebrate," Danielle says, sharing that her girls had picked very different costumes. "Valentina always picks out-of-the-box things, which I love. She was Stitch and then Alena was a '50s girl, so she had the poodle dress on and that was cute."

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