Daniel Wheatley Teases New Video 'Blanket' With a Cast of Heavy Hitters

Daniel Wheatley recently shared a teaser for his upcoming video, Blanket and it looks to me like it has an absolutely stacked lineup, to say the least. It was actually pretty funny (and clever) that he hit us with all those names at the beginning of the clip... only to say, "...all have been really busy!"

Nick Michel, Reynolds, Jerry Hsu, Manchild... geez! But in fairness, he follows it up with, "But, we definitely got..." and that list is still just as impressive in its own right. If you're wondering, "Uh... what?" just watch the trailer!

Regardless, I think there's going to be a variety of heavy cameos from your favorite skaters and their favorite skaters, with full parts from Matlok Bennett Jones and Mingus Gamble secured (well, at least that's what the YouTube description tells us).

The trailer looks sick, though. I like the direction Wheatley is taking it for sure. Not everyone can pull off a skate video teaser with no skating, but for whatever reason, it really works here. Consider me fired up! With a star-studded cast like this, I'll take it.

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Like the video mentions, hopefully all these heavy-hitters can come through with some clips in the next month or so—can you imagine if everyone listed here really made the cut? Again, either way, it looks like it's going to be a great independent skate video. We're ready.

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