Daniel Craig's Leather Gloves Posed An Interesting Problem For James Bond In 'Skyfall'

Jeremy Gottlieb
Daniel Craig tongue
Daniel Craig tongue

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Why does Daniel Craig want out of the James Bond-franchise so badly? Well, maybe it has something to do with the filmmakers just not sharing his love for fine leather. Because to hear a dude who claims to “know things” talk, it would appear that there was a definite disconnect on that massively important issue.

Charlie Lyne, a writer for The Guardian, claims that he heard Craig bought a pair of super-hot, super-expensive leather gloves while making Skyfall, and somehow convinced director Sam Mendes to let him wear them in a pivotal casino scene. Well, it turns out that the gloves created a continuity error involving guns and fingerprint scanner (you know, as they do) and so rather than spending millions on reshoots, Mendes and company simply used a little digital magic to make Craig’s glove-covered hands look as though they, well, weren’t glove-covered. Here, let Lyne explain.

That’s pretty funny. And to be real, wouldn’t you be so annoyed about this lack of respect that you’d just bail on a multi-billion dollar film franchise that made you one of the biggest movie stars in the world too? I mean, what’s a real man without his expensive leather gloves anyway, right? Can’t blame Craig for wanting out now. Because nothing should ever come between a fictional super spy and his leather gloves.

(via Vulture)