Danica Patrick Says She Finds Living a Healthy Lifestyle Is ‘Easier’ While Self-Isolating

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Eric Todisco
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Roy Rochlin/Getty Danica Patrick

Nearly a year into the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., Danica Patrick has maintained a healthy lifestyle — and she has no plans for that to change any time soon.

Patrick, who is working with Beam to promote their new Elevate hydration line, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview how she's adjusted to prioritizing her health at home since the onset of the pandemic.

In fact, the retired NASCAR driver, 38, says that pursuing overall wellness is "easier" during life in self-isolation — at least for her.

"I feel like it's an opportunity to really be able to eat healthy because you're cooking at home," Patrick tells PEOPLE. "And I think that's one of those important things to do if you want to get healthier, whether it's through quality food or just losing weight or something like that. You're in charge, so I actually think it's easier."

But Patrick, like many others, has a weakness in her healthy ambitions: managing her casual alcohol consumption.

"I think it's easy to open a bottle of wine at home and then it's even more difficult for me, someone that makes wine and has my own," says Patrick, who launched her own wine brand called Somnium, which means "dream" in Latin. "So I have lots of good stuff to pick from," she adds, "but I think that as much as you can be more disciplined at home, you have to exercise discipline in other areas."

Danica Patrick

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One way Patrick stays healthy at home is by using Beam's three new hydration packages, which individually target balance, performance, and recovery. Each product is created with a core hydration formulation composed of coconut water, Himalayan sea salt, potassium bicarbonate, and sodium hyaluronate.

"It's super, super delicious and so helpful," the Beam investor tells PEOPLE of the products. "I think it's super cool that this is a new product for them and I think it's going to go really, really well. It's a tasty product, it's super easy on my stomach. I can have a sensitive stomach and they've all gone down really well."

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beam Beam's Elevate hydration line

Patrick says that she uses each of the hydration packages for different reasons: she takes the berry-flavored package for her balance in the morning, the watermelon-flavored package to elevate her performance, and the lemon-flavored package to assist in her recovery after a grueling workout.

"I don't take them all every day but I take them, kind of, as needed and when I feel like I need a little bit more hydration or when I feel like I need a little bit more during my workout if it's a longer one," she adds.

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The Pretty Intense podcast host is also a big fan of Beam's CBD oil products, including The Fixer, which Patrick recently used when she hurt her neck after a rough fall on the ski slopes. The company also has The One oil and The Dream powder or capsules.

"It's subtle, it's natural," Patrick says of the oil products. "There's so many that you don't notice anything and so to have a product that's natural, but also subtly works in a way that you can't deny, I think it really speaks to the quality of the product."