Danica McKellar’s Son Draco Is Her Biggest Blessing! See Photos of the Actress’ Only Child

Hallmark alum Danica McKellar’s days are full of fun moments with her son, Draco! The Wonder Years actress and her only child are two peas in a pod and love posing for cute photos together. Danica welcomed her little boy with her first husband, Mike Verta, in September 2010. The former couple were married from 2009 to 2013. She married her second husband, Scott Sveslosky, in 2014. In addition to being a stepdad to Draco, the attorney is also a dad to one son, Hunter, from a previous relationship. “He’s a great partner — sweet, supportive, loving. We each brought a child into our marriage — Hunter’s 14, and my son, Draco, is 8,” she gushed about her blended family during an April 2019 interview with Closer. “We’re raising them alongside each other. Watching their friendship develop, they just play and have so much fun. What a blessing!” The Dancing With the Stars alum also revealed whether she and Scott were looking to expand their family in the future. “We actually tried, but it didn’t happen and that’s OK. I have such a great relationship with my son,” she said. “I’m 44, a little on the older side and we’re not not trying. Who knows? I joke with Scott, if we’re not going to have a kid, maybe we should open a foster home!” Danica, a successful mathematics writer, has passed on her love for learning to her son. In February 2023, she shared a video singing “The Elements” with her little one, listing all of the chemical elements of The Periodic Table at a rapid speed. Danica’s fans were so impressed by Draco and have loved watching him grow up over the years. The Domino Masters judge has been homeschooling Draco his entire life. She shared some of her best tips and pointers about homeschooling amid the COVID-19 pandemic to help out other parents. “My son might seem bored and not engaged with a lesson, but if I ask him to teach the topic to one of his stuffed animals, suddenly a light turns on,” she reflected in an August 2020 piece written for Romper. “I’m always floored by how much more he was listening than it seemed.” On top of being an academic whiz, Draco is also a musician. Danica shared a clip of the youngster playing “Sleigh Ride” on the piano to put everyone in the Christmas spirit in December 2022. He’s already proving to be multitalented just like his famous mom! Keep scrolling to see the cutest photos of Danica’s son.