Dane Cook Says He 'Can't Wait' to Have Kids with Fiancée Kelsi Taylor 'When the Time Is Right'


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Dane Cook can't wait to tie the knot with his fiancée Kelsie Taylor, and he's already thinking about kids sometime after the couple says their 'I do's.'

"I can't wait to be very honest with you," the comedian, 50, tells PEOPLE about becoming a father while at the couple's Hollywood Hills home where he filmed his special, out now on his website. "I'm just excited at the possibility. Her sister just had her second baby and I love seeing her with the kid. She loves it and I love kids. When the time is right, we'll check it out."

The Good Luck Chuck actor, 50, surprised the fitness instructor, 24, with a beachside proposal back in July and the couple has never been happier.

"The second he began to reach for his back pocket, my stomach flipped," Taylor exclusively told PEOPLE over the summer. "I couldn't have asked for the moment to have been more perfect. All that was going through my brain was, 'Wait, is this actually happening right now? Is he proposing?'"

"We sat together on the deck, shared laughs, held hands and watched that giant moon sparkle across the ocean," Cook added.

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dane cook
dane cook

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In fact, Cook already knows what kind of parent he'll be.

"I could see myself hopefully as the kind of dad that loves to listen, loves to be there, loves to collaborate, but still teach you to set those boundaries and only want to pull the best out of yourself," the comedian shares. "If I could implement that message. Isn't this the part now where you go, 'That's not the kid you get,' and you get something completely different? You're on their journey and I'm sure that's what it becomes."

Cook's father, who passed away in 2007, is already inspiring the way he'd like to raise his own children one day.

Dane Cook and Fiancée, Kelsi Taylor
Dane Cook and Fiancée, Kelsi Taylor

Kelsi Taylor/Instagram

"I was just talking to Kelsie about it the other day, saying, 'I like that mix of the idea of there's fun, there's joy and energy, but you still want those boundaries.' My dad was good at being the disciplinarian when he wasn't being fun, and I go, 'I think I'd be like that.' My dad could be a no b-----it, no-nonsense, don't be a talker, be a do-er."

Although they don't have a firm date set, the couple is excited to be in the thick of the wedding planning process as they take their time to enjoy being engaged.

"We don't have a date, but we're moving towards [one]," Cook reveals. "We just want to enjoy this whole thing. It was also like, we're engaged and then all this stuff is happening. It's kind of like, 'Let's finish work,' and then we have some great travel plans through the fall and winter. I think we're probably going to be right around next fall."