Dane Cook Has Been Dating His 23-Year-Old Fiancée For 5 Years & Twitter Is Doing Some Math

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Dane Cook’s engagement to girlfriend Kelsi Taylor after five years of dating normally would have been cause for a celebration. However, the internet was busy calculating the math about their major age gap — and fans have some questions.

The 50-year-old comedian is engaged to the 23-year-old Pilates instructor — yep, they reportedly started dating when she was 18 years old. According to an Instagram Q & A , via Us Weekly, the couple met when he hosted a game night at his house. Their friendship took a serious turn where they “fell in like with each [other] and then upgraded to love.” The duo knows their 26-year age gap draws stares and criticism, which Cook referenced in a 2019 appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when their age difference was mentioned. “Thank you for the snickers of approval,” he joked. “I’m sure that wasn’t judgment at all.”

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Well, Twitter definitely had something to say after the news was announced on Tuesday, Aug. 2 — and it brought up the topic of grooming and how this isn’t new in Hollywood circles. One account tweeted, “There is nothing surprising about Dane Cook marrying his “longtime lover”, who is 23. There is nothing surprising about them dating for the past 5 years. There is nothing surprising about him admitting they were “friends” prior. The only surprising thing is everyone’s reaction.” They went on to remind everyone that “Woody Allen? Prince? Seinfeld? Fergie? Elvis? R.Kelly? Steven Tyler? Wilmer Valderrama? Paul Walker?” all had inappropriate relationships at some point in their careers. 

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Some accounts are also alleging that the couple met when Taylor was even younger than reported (and yes, there is evidence), which not only makes it creepy, but possibly criminal if they were dating. Of course, there always has to be a comedian to make light of a potentially icky situation, by tweeting a photo of Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni from Law & Order: SVU, and quipping, “When I saw why Dane Cook was trending.” So the conversation will likely not end about Cook and Taylor’s relationship anytime soon, but it seems they are very well aware that people are talking about them — and they do not care. 

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