‘Dancing With the Stars’ Injuries Through the Years: Hannah Brown, Maks Chmerkovskiy and More

On the mend. Over the years, Dancing With the Stars contestants and professionals have dealt with their fair share of health scares while participating on the show. In March 2022, Daniella Karagach was injured during her time on the Dancing With the Stars Live 2022 tour. “Daniella unfortunately sustained an injury during last night’s show,” a rep for the touring production told Us Weekly at the time. “She was tended to by our on-tour physio and then treated at a local hospital. She is resting now and receiving excellent care. The entire cast and crew is wishing her a speedy recovery.” The dancer, who was partnered up with Iman Shumpert, sustained the injury during a performance in Riverside, California. Karagach later took to social media to confirm that she would be sitting out the rest of the tour. “Well, this was definitely not the way I thought tour would end but I’m grateful for the time I had. This was truly a special experience for me and I’ve had the best time being a part of this immensely talented cast,” she wrote via Instagram. “I love my @dancingabc fam so much and I know you guys will keep kicking ass!! 🥺💜 To the fans and friends, I love you. Thank you for your love, kindness and always showing 100% of your support for us. This @dwtstourofficial would be nothing without you all. The moments I had on that stage was something I’ll never be able to express. Dancing for you guys was exhilarating. Im so grateful.” Karagach wasn't the only one who has dealt with health issues after performing on Dancing With the Stars. Hannah Brown previously revealed how her body was affected by her time on the dance competition. "I'm going on a little walk. I feel like I've been not as open about my life with you guys, so I'm gonna try to share more. I think this political climate and with COVID has been hard for all of us and me too," the Bachelorette alum said during an Instagram video in January 2021. "Usually when I'm struggling, dealing with my mental health, I can go to working out. Well, for the past five months, maybe almost six, I haven't been able to work out like I used to." The ABC personality detailed visits to physical therapy due to injuries from "additional stress" while competing on DWTS. "I am still going to the doctor and trying to figure it out, but I think a lot of my body hurting comes from some issues that started on Dancing with the Stars," she added at the time. " I just kept going from zero to 100 — I'm either all or nothing — and pushed it too much to where I now have, like, some issues that I am having to deal with physical therapy. "So I've been doing that mostly and then going on some walks and bike rides, but honestly, that's it." Scroll on for all the injuries that were sustained on Dancing With the Stars: