Dallas Penn Of ‘The Combat Jack Show’ Dies At 53

Dallas Penn Of ‘The Combat Jack Show’ Dies At 53 | Photo: Kouji Okafuji via Getty Images
Dallas Penn Of ‘The Combat Jack Show’ Dies At 53 | Photo: Kouji Okafuji via Getty Images

Dallas Penn, writer and co-host of The Combat Jack Show, has died at 53.

According to Vibe, Penn’s wife, Susan Penn, confirmed his death on Wednesday in a Facebook post shared on his account. 

“Dallas has ascended to the music that was waiting for him. From September 1970 to April 2024, he always said it don’t stop, it won’t stop, and he’s waiting for us all at the Funkadelic Stevie Wonder Sean Price party in the sky. Rest my love and see you in our other lifetimes. Love you always, for all time,” she wrote.

Although an official cause of death has not been announced, Penn had been open about his health struggles with Type 2 diabetes, sharing updates with his followers and loved ones. He recently disclosed his hospitalization, keeping his social media community informed, per Vibe. 

Penn, beloved in New York and the hip-hop community, was deeply mourned. Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, two brothers behind the rap group ItsTheReal, joined many others on X, formerly known as Twitter, in sharing their thoughts on his passing and how much he meant to the culture. 

“Our hearts are heavy with the Dallas Penn news. For the best part of the past two decades, our NYC/hip-hop/internets lives have been intertwined. We’re grateful for the time we had and so sorry it was this limited. May the Polo discounts fly wherever you are, Dallas. RIP,” the tweet read. 

According to Complex, Penn’s journey in the industry began in 1984 with an interest in fashion. In a 2014 interview with the outlet, the Queens native revealed how he transitioned from one hobby to another, ultimately earning recognition as a fashion connoisseur. 

“I’ve given my life up to rocking fly s**t,” he said. “It really started for me in high school when I stopped spending all my money on comic books and got into copping gear,” Penn said. 

Penn has made significant contributions to the music and fashion industries throughout his career, leaving an indelible mark on each. From being part of the Low-Life Crew to joining forces with Rafi Kam and Casimir Nozkowski and founding podcast show Internets Celebrities, the 53-year-old was well known in these spaces. He was also partnered with the late Combat Jack and became a co-host on The Combat Jack Show. 

Premium Pete, a former show castmate, shared a heartfelt message dedicated to his longtime friend on X: “Haven’t cried this hard in a while, truly lost for words. Dallas Penn Your Energy and Light will never ever leave us! I Love you Forever my Brother…. 💔🙏🏼🕊️”

Here are additional tweets from fans and those who knew and respected Penn.