Dakota Kai Is ‘So Close’ To Her WWE In-Ring Return

Dakota Kai
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Dakota Kai had a rewarding Royal Rumble weekend.

Kai has been recovering from a torn ACL since May 2023. She recently said she had a date that she could get cleared, but fans still have to wait to see her back in the ring.

Dakota spoke with Denise Salcedo at a Love & WWE red carpet event and said that she’s one step closer to getting back in the ring.

“The goal for me honestly — I’m just excited to get back in the ring. I loved watching the Rumble yesterday and obviously, Bayley winning was so [great] that I can’t even explain the emotions I get, I was so overwhelmed with happiness. I just want to get back in the ring,” Dakota Kai explained. “Watching them all have fun [was exciting me]. We’re so close, I just want to get back in the mix of things like physically as a wrestler and aim high.”

Bayley’s Royal Rumble win

Dakota Kai was also asked for her thoughts on Bayley winning the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match. Dakota said she got very emotional seeing her friend win because she’s been very supportive of her in WWE.

“I cried. I was waterworks, and honestly, seeing it all go down and as long as she was in the match too, was insane. All the emotions bubbled to the surface. This woman has supported us, she brought me back, she brought IYO in and gave us an opportunity,” she added. “She’s always been the most selfless person, the most giving person. So to finally see her receive her roses was just absolutely… I don’t know, it was so nice. I cried, I cried like a baby.”

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