Daisy Ridley Proves She's a Jedi Master In New Video

Daisy Ridley Proves She's a Jedi Master In New Video

To the cheers of many (and consternation of a few) Daisy Ridley’s Rey held her own against Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren in a one-on-one lightsaber duel during the climax of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. When the two inevitably clash again in the yet-to-be-titled Episode VIII, look for Rey–who is currently being trained by long-lost, recently discovered Jedi, Luke Skywalker–to come equipped with a few new moves. In a new video posted on her Facebook page, Ridley showed off what she’s been learning under the tutelage of a real-life Jedi master, Star Wars stunt performer Liang Yang.

The 15-second clip reveals the 24-year-old actress twirling a wooden prop sword with the kind of ease and dexterity that should have Kylo quaking beneath his heavy helmet. “He’s amazing,” Ridley wrote of Yang. “Our stunt team are the most incredible group of people, so lucky I get to train with them!” (News also broke today about a new project of Ridley’s: She’s in talks for a Holocaust drama called The Lost Wife.)

Maybe Ridley should also schedule some time to train with fellow swashbuckler Olivia Munn. While preparing for her role as Psylocke in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, Munn posted several videos of herself practicing the mutant’s signature swordplay. The clips also boasted some special guest stars. Munn’s real-life beau, NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, can be seen in this background of this YouTube video trying to keep up with his girlfriend.

And this Instagram clip proves that Munn’s moves are able to render Marvel’s famed “Merc With a Mouth” speechless.

#Psylocke v. #Deadpool #xmen #apocalypse Right hand left hand sword play

A video posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on Feb 7, 2016 at 12:02pm PST

We can’t be the only ones rooting for a Rey/Psylocke team-up movie. Call it: Kill Kylo.