Daisy Ridley Isn’t Crazy About People Mentioning Her Celeb Look-Alike, Keira Knightley — and Other Stars Talk About Their Doppelgängers

Robert Kessler

Daisy Ridley is not Keira Knightley. (Photo: Getty Images)

Daisy Ridley, a star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, says she’s been compared to Keira Knightley her whole life. But, she says, she’s not wild about it.

“This is the one thing that I’m actually so ‘ugh’ about,” the 23-year-old says. “But it’s like, ‘Why do I have to be like someone else?’ People have always said that I look like Keira Knightley. But it is actually really frustrating.”


Daisy Ridley and Keira Knightley. (Photos: Getty Images)

Ridley makes a point in her aversion to the comparison. “I just think every single person in the world has their own thing going on. And I just want to be me,” she says.

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Ridley is hardly the first star to be compared to another famous person. And she’s also not the first to speak up about it. Here are some others:

Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry


Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. (Photo: Getty Images)

“It’s a little bit annoying, to be totally blunt. The only similarity that we have is that we look a little bit alike,” Zooey Deschanel told MTV in 2009 about the comparisons between Katy Perry and herself. “I have met her before. She seems like a nice person. I’m happy that she’s famous enough now that she’s not going out and being mistaken for me.”

Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera


Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg. (Photos: Getty Images)

“People recognize me all the time as [Michael Cera],” Jesse Eisenberg told the Independent in 2011. “It’s annoying. I don’t like getting recognized as other people.”

Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman


Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. (Photos: Getty Images)

Last year, Keira Knightley said she gets compared to Natalie Portman a lot, which is no real surprise, seeing as how she was cast in a small role in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace as a look-alike of Portman’s Queen Amidala.

“Natalie Portman I get a lot, and I get chased through airports,” Knightley said on The Graham Norton Show. “I feel quite sorry for her because she must get chased a lot because it’s happened like five times where someone’s been like, ‘Natalie! Natalie! Natalie!’ And I’ll sign and take a picture as Natalie.”

Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green


Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green. (Photos: Getty Images)

Prometheus star Logan Marshall-Green found comparisons to Tom Hardy amusing back in 2012 … but the role of his double has already been cast. “I’d be honored to be in the same sentence as Tom Hardy,” he told Elle. “I’ve been a twin since the day I was born — fraternal, but we look a lot alike — so I’ve already been mixed up with another man my entire life.” Still, there’s no denying the likeness between these two. Buzzfeed even put out a quiz dedicated to Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall-Green’s doppelgänger status. Go ahead, try it out.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain


Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain. (Photos: Getty Images)

The Help co-stars have actually had good fun with their similar looks. Earlier this year, Bryce Dallas Howard made a dubsmash of the viral “Jessica Chastain: The Musical” clip, which Chastain then posted to her Instagram account, which honestly just serves to confuse us further.

“[Chastain] was like, ‘Okay, this is totally a thing. We need to use this power for good, and do a movie together playing sisters,'” Howard claims Chastain said to her.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem


Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem. (Photos: Getty Images)

“I used to get it quite a bit, but every now and again, I’ll go somewhere and someone will start coming up and talking Spanish to me and I’m like, ‘You’ve got the wrong guy, I promise you,’” Jeffrey Dean Morgan said during an appearance on HuffPost Live. “Once I went into a party … and it was right when I come off Grey’s Anatomy and I went in and there was paparazzi and they’re like, ‘Javier!’ — he had just won an Oscar — and they’re all, 'Javier! Javier!’ And I gave the finger as I went into the party and the next day in the New York Post it was like, 'Javier Bardem’s a big a**hole.’“

Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood


Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe. (Photos: Getty Images)

“It’s because the idea of us is the same,” Radcliffe said of comparisons between Elijah Wood and him on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. “We’re both kind of short guys with big blue eyes and brown hair. And we did fantasy movies that came out at the same time.”

Chelsea Handler and Elizabeth Banks


Chelsea Handler and Elizabeth Banks. (Photos: Getty Images)

During an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Elizabeth Banks and Chelsea Handler joked about getting mistaken for one another. “I was sitting in Toronto and a guy walked up to me and said, 'Oh my God, my girlfriend loves you. She would die if I didn’t get your autograph. This is so exciting!’” Banks said. “He’s like, 'I just love your books. I mean, My Horizontal Life….’ I was like, Oh, he thinks he’s meeting Chelsea Handler. I couldn’t ruin it for him!”

To which Handler fired back: “People always say, 'They look alike, but Chelsea’s obviously much older.’ Meanwhile, we’re the same age.”