How to Get ‘Daisy Jones’ Hair From Home, According to the Show’s Head Stylist

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When Daisy Jones first performs at the famed Troubadour in the second episode of Prime Video’s “Daisy Jones & The Six,” she’s not yet a rock star. The titular character, played by Riley Keough, steps onto the low-lit stage with an acoustic guitar awkwardly strapped around her shoulders, her hair hastily done up in prairie braids, her frizz the telltale sign of a broke artist without the time or money to care about aesthetics.

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“I’m Daisy,” she says into the mic. Not yet “Daisy Jones” or “lead singer of The Six,” the band that she would later join and catapult her into fame. At this point, she’s just Daisy. But her star power is evident — and she already looks the part.

“The thing I like about Daisy is the confidence her hair gets her because she’s really got an edge to her,” says head hair stylist Maryann Hennings, who used Stevie Nicks’ long, wavy hair and blunt bangs as inspiration for Daisy’s look. “She doesn’t care what people think, and I just feel like when you first see this girl with this bright red hair, it makes a statement of: ‘This is me. I’m owning it. Move aside.'”

While Daisy’s hair and style evolution throughout the series is more subtle than her band members (Suki Waterhouse’s Karen goes bleached blonde in her older years), Hennings says she used every character’s hair as a way to tell their respective stories. To do that, she read the script “thousands of times” before settling on which ’70s icons would serve as inspiration for each character.

Stevie Nicks was the vision for Daisy, of course, who is known to be based on the Fleetwood Mac star in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s original book. Meanwhile, Karen’s blowout curls call to mind the dramatic hair style made famous by Brigitte Bardot; Camila’s entire look is pulled from Ali MacGraw’s most iconic photos; and Farrah Fawcett’s layered waves can be seen in all the female characters at different points in the series.

Below, check out all the products Hennings used on set — and how you can recreate these exact ’70s hair styles from home:

Daisy Jones

Hennings says she used old-school rollers on the characters to achieve volume “except for Riley because her hair’s so massive, it would just spit the rollers out.”

Instead, she opted for the Hollywood-loved Dyson Airwrap. “It blows air around the curls, so that was my cheat for getting a hot roller look,” Hennings says. “And I used a lot of different products, a lot of texture sprays to get to that volume. It’s a softer curl and I’m really excited because I think it’s going to come back in a big way. I think everybody’s tired of the beach wave, that curling iron look. It’s a much freer look, the ’70s. It’s effortless and it’s cool.”

Dyson Air Wrap

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Clairol Natural Instincts Bold (Copper)

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Color Wow Root Cover Up

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Karen Sirko

Although it’s hard to pick favorites, Hennings admits that Karen’s hair is one of the best on the show. “She just looks like she was born cool,” she says. “All her hairstyles are amazing, whether it’s when she was younger and put it into two little ’70s braids or when she’s performing and it’s teased out big like Brigitte Bardot. I just I feel like she stands out.”

The costume and makeup team were also able to play around with the show’s unique flashback doc-style format, which reveals how the characters look years after the group’s ultimate unraveling. Karen, unsurprisingly, only got cooler with age.

“I went with a Debbie Harry look,” Hennings says, explaining the choice behind the bleached blond hair Karen rocks in her older years. “I think people are gonna go crazy for that color because it’s just bleached beautifully to like a pale-banana color. It’s white but it’s got a touch of warmth to it.”

Clairol Blonde It Up (Platinum Blonde)

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Camila Dunne

“I really stuck to Ali MacGraw’s pictures from the ’70s because she has that softness that Camila has — just a warm and lovely, soft person,” Hennings says about Camila’s understated glamour. “I also really wanted to show a difference between Daisy and Camila because Billy struggles between the both of them the whole time, so I wanted them just so opposite.”

To achieve that, she went with a dark warm brown for Cami, coupled with long hair and bangs. “It’s soft but it glows and it just made her skin look so great.”

She ironed her hair pin-straight with Dyson’s Corrale Hair Straightener, which Hennings cites as one of the best appliances she has in her tool bag. “”It’s so good that I can’t even bring it home from work or else my kids would steal it,” she jokes.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy (Medium Brown)

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Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

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