Dairy Queen Releases Fall Blizzard Menu Featuring 3 New Flavors

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Dairy Queen Fall Blizzards
Dairy Queen Fall Blizzards

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is ready for the fall!

The ice cream chain launched its official fall blizzard menu on Monday, and it includes three exciting new treats that capture the flavors of the season.

The first new flavor is the Cinnamon Roll Centers blizzard, which is a frozen twist on the sweet breakfast item. It's made up of creamy soft serve blended with chewy cinnamon roll pieces and topped with a brown butter cinnamon topping.

For a candy-packed treat, the Reese's Take 5 blizzard combines Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with whole peanuts and pretzels into vanilla soft serve. To round out the salty-sweet treat, the blizzard is topped with caramel.

The Snickers Brownie blizzard is the chain's third new item on the menu. It packed with pieces of Snickers bars, brownie pieces and caramel topping all blended with creamy soft serve.

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Dairy Queen's fall lineup also includes the return of three seasonal favorites, starting with the Oreo Hot Cocoa blizzard. It's filled with Oreo Cookie pieces and cocoa fudge blended with soft serve.

What's a fall menu without pumpkin offerings? DQ is bringing back the popular Pumpkin Pie blizzard, which consists of soft serve blended with pumpkin pie pieces and sprinkled with nutmeg.

Also making a fall appearance is the Very Cherry Chip blizzard, which mixes cherry and chocolate chunks with soft serve.

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Along with the autumn lineup, DQ released fall items that don't belong on the menu, but in customers' homes: blizzard-scented throw pillows.

The first pillow is inspired by the Cinnamon Roll Centers dessert and is shaped like the breakfast pastry, while the second stand-out pillow resembles a pumpkin pie. Both respectively come in separate packs of three that include accent pillows inspired by the other seasonal flavors.

Dairy Queen Pillows
Dairy Queen Pillows

Dairy Queen

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Fans can snag the cozy home items by entering a contest on Dairy Queen's social media channels from September 7 to September 16.

"Each year, our Fall Blizzard Treat Menu offers the popular flavors of fall, and the new pillow flights bring our fan-favorite treats to life in a fresh way with scents and style," Maria Hokanson, Dairy Queen's Executive Vice President, said in a statement. "Our fans will be inspired to grab a Blizzard Treat, snuggle up and take in the scents of the season with friends and family."