‘The Daily Show’ On Doors As Saviors & What Tourists Say About U.S. Mass Shootings

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The Daily Show with Trevor Noah did a split segment Thursday night about how some Republican lawmakers are deflecting blame for mass shootings by blaming doors — not the Jim Morrison kind but, y’know, the ones that swing on hinges — and what foreigners think about the unique Americana of spraying strangers with assault rifles.

Comedy Central late-night host Trevor Noah began by addressing the three most recent incidents in Tulsa, Uvalde and Buffalo before cutting to the likes of Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz, Rep. Kevin McCarthy and others saying all would be well if there were just a single entrance to schools. He then segued to correspondent Michael Kosta hitting the streets “to find out how other countries deal with their doors.”

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The first tourist interview goes thusly: “How often are you having mass shootings in India?” he asks a man. “Is it weekly? Is it daily?” The guy replies: “It’s zero. None.” The sentiment is echoed by a British couple and an Irish woman before Kosta switches gears to ask people about the scourge of multiple doors in their home country.

The one-door-per-school questioning vexes some of them. Others are pragmatic.

“How are you gonna get out of a fire?” the Irishwoman asks. Kosta has an answer for that: “Let’s say we’re in a school together with no doors, and we’re in a fire — that’s why the kids should have guns.”

She shakes her head and says, “No.”

Kosta continues: “You shoot out a circle. I’ll grab your hand — I saw it in an action movie once.”

Next up: a woman from Poland. Kosta: “How did the Polish government defeat the door lobby?” She replies: “They don’t. People just have doors.” Kosta: “OK, and how many shootings have there been?” Woman: “None.”

Kosta: “Exac — what? … But there are little European doors, like the ones that Hansel and Gretel walk through?”

And the bits keep coming. Watch the segment above; the man-on-the-street portion starts at the 1:14 mark.

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