Dad does backflip off swings while son watches on

Harvey the young little guy is just over one and half years old and his dad Ryan were having some fun at the park recently after a snowfall. Living on the West Coast of British Columbia near Vancouver, the winters are not that harsh so snow is minimal. As soon as the snow hits in this area, everyone gets out to enjoy some fun. Ryan had asked his dad to bring over a toboggan he had, and to join in some fun at the park hill. After some fun sledding, they walked to the nearby play park, and began swinging fo a few minutes. Grampa pushed little Harvey as Harveys dad swung along at the same time. after a few minutes playing around, making the swing go sideways and side to side, Ryan did a dismount that surprised his wife and his dad. His reply to his wife when she said" wow when did you start doing that?" Ryan replied" I have been doing that since I was a little kid". His dad was surprised both at his dismount and him claiming to have been doing that a long time, he did not remember that. Even the nearby snowmen were delighted with Ryans antics on the swings, look at their smiles!!! Fun was had by all that snowy day in Surrey and followed with a sleigh ride home to some hot lunch and hot chocolate.