Dad Displays Cat-Like Reflexes as He Catches Toddler on Slip 'N Slide

Hot summer weather and a Slip ’N Slide strategically placed on top of a hill provided an Iowa family with hours of fun over Fourth of July weekend.

Footage by Rachel Nicole Ohl shows her husband and kids having a blast on the beloved outdoor children’s toy, with even the tiniest member of the family getting in on the action.

“Our littlest girl LOVED the slip and slide. She had ran to the bottom over and over again. Most think we just left her there in harms way, but I knew my husband would grab her or be able to stop before they got to her,” Ohl told Storyful.

Ohl’s video, which she posted to TikTok on July 5, shows her husband scooping up his youngest daughter as he whooshes past, allowing her to join in the fun.

“We were on the slip and slide for about seven hours that day! No one was hurt or injured, just very tired at the end of the day ,” she said. Credit: Rachel Nicole Ohl via Storyful