D’Lila, Jessie Combs Project “Skyrocketing” Model Careers By Age 21

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D’Lila Star and Jessie James Combs (b.k.a The Combs Twins) recently appeared in Galore‘s Rebel Beauty Issue, where they spoke on their future plans to dominate the fashion and beauty industry.

The 16-year-olds have tailored their own “unique but relevant” fashion aesthetic, making them two of the most stylish teenagers in the public eye. Obviously, the twins are daughters of multifaceted music mogul Sean Love “Diddy” Combs, but they also care about the importance of defining their own legacy through “self-expression and individuality.”

“We aim to create our own path, leveraging our individuality and talents to redefine our legacy in fashion, beauty, and business,” they said. When asked about their aspirations and dreams, the girls shared that they “see [themselves] being very successful with [a] billion-dollar brand and having a skyrocketing modeling career.”

The Combs Twins seem to be right on track, as they recently walked in a fashion show for one of their favorite brands.

Walking in the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show was a true dream come true,” they admitted. “Before that, whenever people would ask us about our dream brand to walk for, our answer would always be Dolce and Gabbana.”

They added, “The whole experience was amazing; it was our first time in Venice, Italy, and the whole DG team was so nice and welcoming. The day we found out about this opportunity we immediately started looking for some model coaches to ensure we were confident for the big day in Venice.”

D'Lila Star and Jessie James Combs
D'Lila Star and Jessie James Combs

As Gen Z-ers, the girls have every opportunity for success at the tip of their fingers — hence social media being an essential part to their own stardom. Whether the twins are sharing the latest TikTok trends, or showing viewers how they get ready for school in the morning, they have a true knack for creating likable content.

D’Lila and Jessie have yet to create their own beauty or fashion line, but expressed that they “think about it every day” and “have plenty of ideas that [they] can’t wait to share with the world.”

“We have a lot of things coming up: skincare, clothing lines, makeup, accessories,” they revealed.

The girls also shared a few role models and “Sheroes” who’ve inspired their aspirations, including their late mother Kim Porter, Beyoncé, and Naomi Campbell.

Reflecting on time with their mom, the twins recalled an important lesson that Porter gave them: “pick your battles,” which they declared “helped us be cautious about situations we get into.”

The twins also shared that the best advice that their father gave them: “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” which they say “[inspired] us to never stop chasing our dreams.”

Check out D’Lila and Jessie Combs’ full interview with Galore here.

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