D.C. Young Fly Has Jacky Oh’s “Fake” GoFundMe Promoted By Her Family “Swiftly” Removed

DC Young Fly has confirmed that a recent GoFundMe post for his late girlfriend, Jacklyn “Jacky Oh” Smith, was “fake” and has since had it removed.

The suspicious fundraiser was initially posted by Oh’s sister, Brooke Smith, in hopes to rake in $1,000,000 to pay off the late reality star’s mortgage and also start a trust for the couple’s three children. After catching wind of the crowdfunding post, the Wild ‘n Out comedian and actor swiftly asked GoFundMe to take the post down due to illegitimate reasons.

In an exclusive statement to Page Six, D.C.’s publicist stated that they took “swift action to ensure the fundraiser was removed” and are “highly pleased with this result. GoFundMe’s team followed their process and communicated to us, confirming this fundraiser has been removed from the platform and all donors have been refunded.”

The statement also cited the website’s regulations explaining that “cases of misuse are very rare, and we take swift action against those who exploit the generosity of our community.'” The statement continued, “I hope people remember Jacky for her brilliance and values. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers. We look forward to providing her viewers with upcoming announcements regarding her continued legacy soon!”

According to reports, the fundraiser only raised $285 from 11 donors before it was removed on Thursday (March 7). However, a screenshot of the GoFundMe was posted by The Neighborhood Talk ahead of its deletion.

“Unfortunately, we have received the news that Jaclyn’s home is going into foreclosure on March 25, 2024,” the post read. “As a family, we are humbly requesting your assistance to help us pay off the home that Jacklyn worked hard to provide for her children, Nova, Nala, and Prince Nehemiah.” The description also stated that her family would accept “any amount you can contribute” and “any remaining funds will be put into a Trust for her children’s future.”

Brooke shared the link to her Instagram Story, writing, “Help us save my sister’s house for her babies Everything she worked so hard for can’t all go down the drain.” She also shared a repost from Oh’s alleged cousin, Tiara Bell, who also posted the fundraiser, stating, “One of my cousin’s biggest accomplishments was buying a home for her kids, please help us save it for them! Anything helps!”

“We lost her business can’t lose her house,” Brooke reportedly said following people questioning her motives in screenshots caught by Atlanta Black Star.

Jacky Oh, 32, died on May 31, 2023, in Miami, Fla., a day after having a tummy tuck and breast augmentation, which is also known as a “Mommy Makeover.” She was found unresponsive in her hotel room and taken to a local hospital.

After investigation, the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner officially ruled her death “accidental due to complications from cosmetic surgery.”

At the time, Dr. Zach Okhah, who performed the procedure, publicly stated, “Yes, my name has been in the tabloid media and understandably sensationalized given the circumstances. I want to clarify certain facts that have not been reported and are public knowledge. Please understand that due to patient privacy laws, and out of respect for all my patients, there will never be mention of specifics, now or in the future, of any of my cases.”

The entrepreneur and model shared three children with D.C. named Nova, Nala, and Prince’ Nehemiah, who was only 10 months old at the time of her death. The two met on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out show in 2015 where she was a “Wild ‘N Out girl.”

At her funeral, DC Young Fly, né John Whitfield, spoke on Jacky Oh’s “beautiful soul” and her “super great” mothering. He said, “I want our kids to understand that you had a beautiful soul. You didn’t leave us; you in heaven. Your spirit is with us, you’re still here, and he have an amazing support system. Love you. Everybody in here, keep God first.”

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