The disturbing voicemail D.C. Officer Michael Fanone received while testifying about Jan. 6 insurrection

On Don Lemon Tonight Tuesday, not long after giving testimony at the first House committee hearing to investigate the Capitol insurrection, D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone shared a disturbing voicemail he received from a stranger while he was testifying. But not before a serious warning from host Don Lemon.

“It includes some incredibly offensive language, but we think people need to hear the kind of attacks that these officers are facing right now. Just for telling the truth about January 6th,” Lemon said, before playing the near-minute long voicemail that was filled with expletives and offensive language directed at Fanone and other police officers.

Some Republicans have claimed recently that there was no armed insurrection, a stance that Fanone called “disgraceful” during his testimony Tuesday, and why he said a voicemail like this can and does happen.

“I remember my first reaction immediately after listening to that phone call,” Fanone said. “This is what happens to people that tell the truth in Trump's America.”