Cynthia Bailey 'in shock' over Celebrity Big Brother jury reaction to Todrick Hall

Cynthia Bailey was not exactly what anyone would describe as a competition beast. And she was completely duped in the move of the season when Todrick Hall and Miesha Tate convinced her to turn on her actual ally Shanna Moakler. Yet Cynthia still made it all the way to finale night on Celebrity Big Brother, when she was eventually voted out after Miesha became the final Head of Household and chose to sit next to Todrick at the end.

How does Cynthia feel about almost making it all the way to the end? Does she regret being duped into turning on Shanna? And how does she think she would have done with the jury had she been sitting in the final two? We asked the Real Housewife all that and more shortly after she stepped out of the house, when she was still spinning from the jury's reaction to Todrick and new information about what really happened inside the house.


CBS Cynthia Bailey on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling now about being pretty unfamiliar with the game and yet still making it all the way to finale night and third place in the game?

CYNTHIA BAILEY: I am still in shock, basically. I never expected to make it as far as I did. I played the only game I knew how to play, which was to just be loyal to my alliance and to be a woman of my word, which all of those things don't really carry much weight in the Big Brother house, I found out. But at the end of the day, it was the only way I wanted to win, if I was able to win.

Apparently, there are some things that have happened. I just got out of the house. I have not watched the show, but my cast did not look happy today. So I am looking forward to watching the show because all I know is what my reality was in the house. And I have no idea what has been happening on this show and in the outside world.

Were you surprised how salty everyone on the jury was with Todrick?

Oh, my goodness. I was so excited to leave the house and see everyone, and everyone was, like, stone-faced. I was like, "What is going on?" And then of course, Carson [Kressley], my ride-or-die, I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Really quickly, he just said, "You have to watch the show." And I was like, "Of course I'm going to watch the show. I'm going to watch it anyway, no matter what. I can't wait to watch the show."

Basically, once the voting started and I was the last one to vote and no one voted for Todrick, I was like, "Wait, what is going on?" Because last time when these people were in the house with me, they weren't exactly Miesha fans either. So I didn't know. I figured it was maybe 50-50, because Miesha was HOH longer than anyone. So she had a lot of blood on her hands. I was surprised Todrick didn't get more love. I am still processing all of that.

Did Carson even have a chance to update you all on the whole situation where how Todrick and Miesha pulled one over on you guys about Shanna?

After the show Carson told me. I mean, after we just finished, I don't know, an hour ago, he was like, "Basically, we got duped. And none of it was true." And I was like, "Oh, my God." I just can't even believe it. I still can't believe that they lied to us to our face. And I feel horrible because I was so tough on Shanna. Because when you're in that house, all you have is your alliance. And I was super protective of Carson. He was my ride-or-die.

There were a couple of things Shanna did that made me kind of suspect, like when she flipped her vote on Teddi [Mellencamp] and she didn't tell us. And we were like, "Hey, we're in an alliance. We all agreed to vote for Teddi." And then she didn't. And then we were told that she knew Carson and I were going up on the block and I was like, "What is an alliance if we're not supposed to be honest with each other?"

So now if what I'm hearing is true, and I got to watch and see for myself, it definitely sounds like I owe Shanna a huge apology personally and publicly at this point. Because I really felt like at the time I was doing what we had to do to protect our alliance.

Have you had a chance to talk to Shanna at all yet?

No, I have not had a chance. And again, I'm still processing. I can't even believe I'm even talking to you right now. I haven't even seen a computer in 30 days! I'm still in shock that I've seen other people that weren't in the Big Brother house.

So give me a minute, but absolutely, if what I'm hearing is true, then that's a conversation I definitely know I have to have with Shanna. And I owe her a huge apology. I don't even know where to start. Because now that we're out here, I don't know how big of a deal it is. But inside, when you have nothing but your alliances and the 11 people in the house, everything seems huge. Because you don't have any of the outlets.

Cynthia Bailey

CBS Cynthia Bailey on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

Honestly, Cynthia, it was like watching a horror movie seeing you and Carson get duped. We were all sitting there like, "No! no!"

Oh, my God. You guys was like, "Don't believe that."


Oh, my God.

Yeah, it was bad.

Oh, my goodness. I have to see this.

Listen, Cynthia, you're not the first to get duped and you won't be the last to get duped. It happens.

Okay, that makes me feel a little bit better.

You're processing. I have to imagine Todrick's really processing. How's he doing now since he got out of the house? I'm sure that was a lot for him to take.

I haven't seen him since we left Julie [Chen Moonves]. We're all in separate rooms here doing press, but he came up to me quickly and was like, "What's going on?" I was like, "I don't know. Everybody's upset and I don't know." So I didn't get a chance to really have a conversation with him, and I don't... I can't even ...

If all of this is true, and you're saying it's true, you watched it, I honestly don't know what to even say to Todrick, or Miesha. Because I really... I don't know. I just can't believe that they lied to us straight to our face.

So here's the $250,000 question: How do you think you would've done against Miesha in the final two had she brought you? What do you think happens with that jury vote?

You know what? I might have had a shot to win actually, because I never was in any position of power. I never won any comps, so I never could put anybody on the block. So I didn't have any blood on my hands. I tried to be nice to everyone. Everyone stayed in our room all the time.

I felt like I had a great relationship with pretty much everyone in the house, for the most part. I think I may have had a shot. Because again, if for no other reason, my hands were clean. I was just part of the village in the house.

I just spoke to Carson and asked him the same question. He says hands down you would've won.

Wow. Oh, my God.


CBS Miesha Tate, Todrick Hall, and Cynthia Bailey on 'Celebrity Big Brother'

You brought up the competitions. What happened in those competitions? You were having some difficulty with those. Was that frustrating?

Listen, if "can't win for losing" was a person, that would be me. I just could not win. And I wish I could say, "Oh, it was my strategy to not win anything so I wouldn't get a target on my back." But actually, once you get out there, you actually want to win. And I just sucked. I just couldn't win anything.

So what are you going to do now? Are you going to immediately start rewatching stuff? Or do you need to decompress for a little bit?

Well, I'm excited to see my husband, Mike, and my kids and Noelle, everyone. But now that all hell has broken loose now that I'm out of this house, I have to watch the show. I have see what everyone is so upset about.

Well, listen, people are also upset because coming into tonight, I think a lot of folks were pulling for you to finally win that competition and get in the finals.

You know what? Once I found out that it wasn't physical, I was like, "You know what? I may have a shot at this." And I was pretty optimistic in the beginning. I think I got the first one right. But honestly, thinking back if I had won, I would've brought Todrick with me, not knowing that he had duped me. And then that just would've sucked once I found out everything that had happened. So it was probably God's way of protecting me and not letting me win, because I would've been really off had I won and brought him with me.

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