CyHi Says His Work on "Sicko Mode" Strained His Relationship With Kanye West

Image via Getty/Prince Williams
Image via Getty/Prince Williams

During a recent Instagram Live stream, CyHi The Prynce described his work on Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode” as a “gift and a curse” that strained his relationship with Kanye West.

As he explained at the six-minute point of the video below, CyHi remarked that he felt weird about the track because Drake dissed his “buddy” Kanye on the record. “Now my buddy… I feel my buddy feeling a certain kind of way with me,” he said. “Like, damn what’s going on? My buddy like, ‘Yeah, this the n***a who wrote this, this the n***a from ‘Sicko Mode.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, I thought it was kinda strange but I didn’t know what was really going.’”

In 2018, Kanye and Drake’s beef bubbled over to the point they started publicly taking shots at each other. Most of Ye’s criticisms were shared on social media, while Drake reserved his shots for his records. “I don’t know about the Drake and Ye beef, that was they thing I wasn’t gonna get into that,” CyHi continued. “I wasn’t gonna get into that, you know what I mean? That’s above my pay grade, but it start kinda trickling… My guy kinda not feeling me like that.”

After the release of the record, CyHi said that he questioned why Travis Scott allowed Drizzy to take a shot at Ye on “Sicko Mode” considering his close relationship with the Yeezy founder. “I’m looking at Trav like, ‘Why would you let the n***a do that on the song?’ But I get Trav, he’s like, ‘Drake is an artist, he gonna express himself.’ … So I’m like, ‘Okay, cool, but you know that’s our guy, bruh,’” CyHi said. “You can’t just let a n***a diss our buddy, that’s our buddy!”

He said ultimately he faced more of a backlash from Kanye for “Sicko Mode” than Travis Scott ever did.

Check out what CyHi said about the situation above.

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