The CW’s Viewers Are Older Than Fox’s So Far This Season – Here’s Why

Tony Maglio
·1 min read

Broadcast TV is for folks with more salt than pepper in their hair — especially during this oddball season, it seems. In a study of the median age of viewers for the broadcast networks thus far this season, TheWrap found that usually youth-skewing CW’s median-age viewer is 58.3 years old — a whopping six-and-a-half years older than last season. Meanwhile, ABC’s own median-age viewer nudged up a bit and Fox’s increased by nearly one year. Some of that can be explained away by a continuing shift to digital viewing by the younger Americans. That’s especially true of The CW’s audience, which tunes in for a heavily comic-book-inspired lineup that includes “The Flash,” “Riverdale,” “Supergirl” and “Batwoman.” Since its 2006 launch, the network has also boasted the youngest median viewer of all the broadcast networks. Another factor is the overabundance of reruns in the first few months of the season due to the coronavirus pandemic’s production shutdowns. That trend also disproportionately impacted The CW, which barely ran any original primetime programming until last month. It is likely that a not-insignificant number of older Nielsen panelists tune in to their local news on The CW and just leave the TV on the...

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