'Cute Little Gremlin' Dog Turns Up in New York Years After His Family Last Saw Him in Florida

FL family finds dog rescued in Upstate NY
FL family finds dog rescued in Upstate NY

Elmore SPCA

An adorable mixed-breed dog is getting an unlikely second chance with his first family!

The eight-year-old canine Cubby was rescued in northern New York several months ago after being hit by a car.

A dog control officer in Plattsburgh, New York, helped Cubby after the car accident and took the pup to a nearby animal clinic, where vets determined that the dog hadn't suffered any severe injuries. The vets did find a fishhook embedded in the dog's matted fur, which they removed.

The facility then scanned Cubby for a microchip — a small chip implanted in a pet's skin that contains its owner's contact information — and found a match registered to an owner in Florida.

According to the Elmore SPCA, which looked after Cubby following the car accident, Cubby's family in Florida was forced to surrender the pet in early 2019 because they were moving to Japan for work and couldn't find long-term care for the canine.

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But by the time the microchip company contacted Cubby's original owners — after hearing from the Elmore SPCA — the family was back in the U.S., living in California but planning to move back to Florida soon, according to WPTZ-TV in Plattsburgh.

FL family finds dog rescued in Upstate NY
FL family finds dog rescued in Upstate NY

Elmore SPCA

The family, who thought they would never see Cubby again after tearfully parting ways in 2019, was ecstatic to get an opportunity to reunite with the dog.

"They quickly reach out to Elmore to seek out information and provide a series of beautiful, cherished photos of a well-loved and cared for Cubby," the Elmore SPCA wrote in its post about Cubby's journey.

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While it is unclear how Cubby ended up in New York, he is ready to head back to the Sunshine State.

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On Wednesday, Cubby started his car journey to Florida to be reunited with his original family. Next month, he'll celebrate his ninth birthday in his owners' arms.

"All of us at Elmore SPCA wish this cute little gremlin, named Cubby, a wonderful, uneventful return ride to Florida and the best life forward with a family who loves him," the rescue shared.