Cuba Gooding Jr. Breaks Out His B-Boy Moves During Recent Party

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Cuba Gooding Jr. hit his B-Boy stance during a recent celebration. On Sunday (Nov. 12), Flavor Flav uploaded a video of the acclaimed actor dancing to Rob Base’s “It Takes Two.” Cuba steals the show in the brief clip as he hits the floor, breakdancing. He hits the helicopter, then a partial baby freeze and a semi-back spin. After he finishes his freestyle dance session, Gooding daps up an approving Flav and Base — who is still rapping on stage.

“FLAVOR FLAV::: MY BOY N DA HOOD CUBA GOODING JR.!! Y’all didn’t know he could get down like that,” the Public Enemy artist captioned the clip, before dropping some knowledge. “But when Me & Chuck were starting out, Cuba was a break dancer in the 1984 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.”

Cuba recently referenced his involvement in the 1984 Summer Olympics on social media. In an Instagram post from February, Veuit uploaded his interview with The Graham Norton Show to promote his new role as President of Film and TV for the Web 3 app.

The interview featured Snoop Dogg talking about Cuba’s now-hidden talent. Snoop spoke about how the legend was featured in Lionel Richie’s closing ceremony for the ’84 Olympics. Norton then asks Cuba if he could still bust a move, to which the Radio star promptly shows off his windmill move.

In 2016, the Snow Dogs thespian provided a bit more context about his dancing past. In an interview with ABC News, Cuba spoke about his crew, the Majestic Visual Break Dancers, and how the Boys & Girls Club gave them a safe haven. “We were the group of kids who would put a piece of cardboard down and a boom box radio, and we would practice our moves out in front of storefronts and get change from passersby. And that’s how we’d eat,” he recalled.

It was performing on the street and in the Boys & Girls gymnasium that helped them become the Summer Games’ official break dancers.

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