Crowbar Thanks Cody Rhodes For ‘Career-Altering Response’

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling via YouTube

Crowbar remembers how a response from Cody Rhodes got him back in the wrestling business.

In a Twitter post, the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion thanked the American Nightmare for his “career-altering response” back in 2020.

“During COVID, I experimented w/ the promo. Was never a promo guy

“A 1 one word [sic] response turned into views I otherwise would not have gotten – encouraging me to go further encouraging me to continue promos, to wrestle again. Thank you @CodyRhodes for your career altering response,” Crowbar wrote on Twitter.

Rhodes’ Response Got Crowbar Booked

The promo, which was originally uploaded to Twitter on July 20, 2022, prompted fans to come out in support of Crowbar. A fan reposted the tweet and asked AEW to sign the former WCW wrestler. The repost led to Cody Rhodes’ infamous “Who?” reply.

Crowbar ended up working the October 6 Dark Elevation taping. He lost a singles match to Joey Janela for AEW’s now-cancelled YouTube show.

As for Cody Rhodes, his time in Tony Khan’s promotion came to an end in February 2022. The rest was history.

Check out Crowbar’s match with Joey Janela on episode 32 of AEW Dark: Elevation here.

Why I Wrestle

Crowbar also spoke with WrestleZone about why he still wrestles — and why he can’t see himself being an agent.

“You ask me if I want to be an agent or a coach or something like that. That would be the equivalent of an office job, a real job to me. I have a real job three minutes to my house,” Crowbar said, who is a full-time physical therapist.

“To have to get up at four in the morning, go to the airport, fly somewhere, be away from my family to do an office job. It just doesn’t interest me. If I’m somewhere performing and somebody wants to casually pick my brain, sure. I’ll answer any questions and give my opinion. But to have that as my job it doesn’t interest me at all,” he said. “When I know I can’t do it at that level anymore, I have no interest at all at being a manager. I have no interest at all at being a coach.”

Over the years, Crowbar has asked if he wanted to teach at several wrestling schools and he has always declined. Wrestling in the ring is what has always kept him going.

“When that’s done, it’s done,” he said. “When I can’t physically do the wrestling, it’ll be community theater or something like that just to have some fun. That’ll be it.”

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