'Critter Fixers' Returns with More 'Unique' Vet Visits: 'Each Season Brings Us Inspiration'

critter fixers season 4
critter fixers season 4

National Geographic/Nicholas Reaves

Critter Fixers: Country Vets is back for season 4.

The Nat Geo WILD docuseries follows veterinarians Dr. Terrence Ferguson and Dr. Vernard Hodges as they care for various creatures at their veterinary practice serving large swaths of rural Georgia. Working near farms and ranches means the vets treat more than just cats and dogs. Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges regularly see goats, cows, horses, turkeys, pigs, and more.

Season four of Critter Fixers: Country Vets, now available to stream on Disney +, promises more amusing and adorable animal encounters and a close-up look at the caring practice Critter Fixers' veterinarians have built together.

"Each season brings us inspiration and passion for our jobs in both helping and connecting with our local community. We've been friends for quite some time now, and the adventure of filming a show has brought an entirely fun new element to our friendship that grows from season to season," Dr. Ferguson and Dr. Hodges shared in a statement to PEOPLE.

"We can't believe we've been doing this for four seasons now, although we've been veterinarians for much longer! We love our jobs and are even happier that we get to show people what we do and the fun we have within the clinic, on the farm, and with our teams," the duo added.

critter fixers season 4
critter fixers season 4

National Geographic/Matthew Odom

The veterinarians also shared that fans of the show can expect "exciting, memorable, and unique stories this season," including  "a tough, yet hopeful case" involving a rescue dog.

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"We will always remember the abandoned and abused dog, Charlotte, that came in that we were miraculously able to save and give her a better life. She healed from all of her injuries and now has a wonderful home full of animal brothers and sisters, where she runs in the yard with her human brother; the two are completely inseparable," the Georgia vets said of their favorite season four moment.

Overall, the professionals are confident that their Nat Geo WILD show has something everyone can enjoy, especially this season.

critter fixers season 4
critter fixers season 4

National Geographic/Sean Grevencamp

"Whether you are an unwavering animal lover, pet owner, or someone who has never seen a cow in real life, the human-animal connection unites us all. We hope our show virtually transports fans from their home to ours so they can experience what we encounter in an 'ordinary' day's work and is inspired to get involved in their community in some capacity," the veterinarians said.

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In addition to attending to their animal clients and making Critter Fixers, Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson are dedicated to uplifting their community.

critter fixers season 4
critter fixers season 4

National Geographic/Dairal Wilderness

"We are invested in our community, not just caring for our neighbor's pets but providing resources and education for those in need and inspiring the younger generation. We recently started an exciting partnership with the Street Dog Coalition to provide free care to pets whose owners are experiencing homelessness or financial troubles," Dr. Hodges and Dr. Ferguson said.

"Representation really matters to us because growing up, we never saw a Black veterinarian, and unfortunately, not much has changed. We make up the less than 2% of Black veterinarians in the entire US and would love to see more Black veterinarians in the future, so we also hold our Vet for a Day program, where we give kids a look into the world of veterinary medicine in hopes to inspire them to pursue a career in the field," the pair added.

Season four of Critter Fixer: Country Vets is now available to stream on Disney +.