Cristo Fernández wants to know more about Danny Rojas’ 108-year-old bestie on Ted Lasso

Cristo Fernández and Billy Harris

Ted Lasso is over. Well, we think Ted Lasso is over. The AppleTV+ soccer dramedy currently exists in limbo, stuck between launching a spin-off and closing the book on Lassoverse forever. But one person that would love to keep digging around the nooks and crannies of the AFC Richmond locker room is Cristo Fernández, the show’s resident Dani Rojas. Speaking to The A.V. Club, Fernández said he would “love to explore” Dani’s backstory, should Apple or Jason Sudeikis ever decide on the series’ future.

“Who is his family?” Fernández asks. “You know where we know he comes from? From Mexico. I would like to explore and see more of his family members.” Moreover, the mysteries of Fernández’s past, including his centenarian best friend. “[Rojas] also mentions a 108-year-old best friend and that he was born caffeinated.” To the last point, Fernández asks the eternal question: “How was he born caffeinated?”

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However, if the show isn’t destined for overtime, Fernández seems satisfied with where the series ended up, saying he cried reading the script for the last episode.

“There were many tears,” he said. But I also think it was so well written. There was so much emotion in the script, in each one of the scenes. I remember when we were shooting them, there were many tears of happiness, that’s for sure.”

Thus far, we’ve been getting mixed signals about the future of Ted Lasso. For his part, Suedikis insists that the “story is done,” remaining steadfast in his assertion that the show was devised as a three-season arc. However, much of his cast keeps saying they don’t know whether Richmond AFC still employs them or if they should try out for a new team. Now it feels more urgent than ever because we, too, would like to hear about Dani Rojas’ 108-year-old best friend. As it stands, Ted Lasso feels a lot like a Coen brother’s movie, No Country For Old Men.

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