Criss Angels’ 5-Year-Old Son Still Showing Signs Of Leukemia After Brief Remission

One of the greatest illusionists ever in the world, Criss Angel, recently gave a shocking news to his fans concerning his 5-year-old son. According to Angel, his son has been in remission for almost 11 months but suddenly got sick again. The lad was taken to the hospital after showing signs of lymphoblastic pneumonia and the doctors confirmed that he was at risk again. In December 2018, the little boy went through chemotherapy sessions and after a while, the doctors declared him cancer-free.


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Unfortunately, Angel announced through TMZ that the cancer was back and his son has been rushed to the hospital for treatments. This is so disheartening to hear and fans worldwide are praying for the little boy. To help with this treatment for children, Angel announced that he would like to raise $5million in one night. The star revealed that he would organize a charity fundraiser for this cause in 2020 and everyone is looking forward to it. This is very difficult but the star is trying to pull himself together.

Criss Angel is one of the world’s best magicians who centers on illusions. He appeared on television for the first time in 1994 in a magic show titled “Secrets.” After this, he featured on different television programs like “Lord Of Illusions” and “The Science Of Magic.” Although the magician has been involved in several television jobs for over two decades, he came into the pot light in 2002.

One of the amazing things about Angel is his daredevil tricks. People got to know who the amazing magician is when he stayed for over 24 hours in a phone booth that was filled with water.

Not only was he in a phone booth filled with water, he was shackled under the water for a whole day in Times Square. Angel stayed in the booth without water and food and fans were blown away by this act.

He finally escaped from the water after going through 16 oxygen tanks. After this fantastic stunt, Angel was rushed to the hospital as he was diagnosed with severe dehydration. However, this experience did not stop him from going through several daredevil stunts.

Since 2005, Angel has managed to build a career in the magic and television drama world. In 2007, Criss Angel was responsible for several jaw-dropping stunts which he called “Criss Angel Mindfreak.” Some of these stunts remain one of the best in the world. He was responsible for making a whole Lamborghini disappear without a trace. He also cut himself in half for several seconds and this was one of the highlights of his stunts.

He owns a live show titled “Believe,” which has sold over $120 million.