Creepy magician on 'AGT' has everyone totally freaked out

It was like a horror movie on America's Got Talent Tuesday, when axe-wielding, masked mentalist Klek Entòs had viewers and all four judges totally creeped out as he proclaimed, "I am the sum of all your fears."

After asking Heidi Klum to pull a piece of paper out of a mysterious cardboard box, Klek asked Sofia Vergara to put five drops of ink on it. Klek then asked host Terry Crews what image he saw first from the fresh ink-blot pattern. "A spider," Terry answered. Klek then cracked open the box with “the power to make your imagination come to life and revealed -- you guessed it -- a live, wriggling tarantula. However, the act wasn't quite over.

After making the spider magically disappear, AGT viewers only had one concern: Where the heck did the dang spider go?

"You are insane, and this whole thing was eerie and scary, but I love you," said Heidi.

In the end, the menacing magician had the judges so freaked out, that they were scared to not let Klek advance.

Howie told Klek, "Wow. This is like a horror film. You're freaking me out. I'm saying yes because I will not say no to you ever. I will not ever."

Sofia shared, "It was super scary and super fantastic. And I will give you a yes if you tell me that it's not around here still, right? The spider?"

Finally, Simon Cowell jokingly stated, "I never knew Howie had a twin, so I'm gonna say yes. Well done."