‘I Credit A Lot Of My Determination To Advice From Dr. Phil,’ Says Woman Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

“It’s a miracle I’m talking to you right now,” says Christy. Six years ago, Christy says she was sent home for hospice care while battling stage 4 cancer. “After five months, I asked hospice to leave, because they were simply reminding me every day that I was dying,” says the mom. “For years, I simply existed. I did not try to live a life. I was getting by, survival, not thriving. There’s a huge difference. I didn’t know how to change or where to start, but I did get out of that hole.” She attributes her new determination to watching Dr. Phil. “Dr. Phil always says you get to choose what you accept in life. That was when I decided to choose to actually thrive and live a life that I didn’t know I could,” Christy says. Hear more of Christy’s powerful story in the video above – including why she says she’s Dr. Phil and Robin’s number one fan. On Monday’s episode, "'Dr. Phil and Robin Gave Me a New Lease on Life!'" hear from a woman who says she has been free from cancer for five years but still fears the future. See the surprises Dr. Phil and Robin have in store for the women. Check local listings to see where you can watch. WATCH: Cancer Survivor Says She Can’t Stop Thinking About Death And Dying: ‘It’s Taken Over My Life’ TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Ask Dr. Phil!