This creator styled several vintage brooches, earrings and now TikTok is obsessed: ‘This is…….. game changing’

Looking to spice up your outfits with some vintage finds? An avid thrifter and DIY creator on TikTok has given fellow fashion girlies a how-to on using vintage brooches as the perfect finishing touch to an ensemble.

Brooches have continued to grow in popularity as the “must-have” modern accessory, according to Refinery29. In fact, the outlet reported that, per theRealReal’s 2023 luxury consignment report, brooches, along with “pearl jewelry, ultra-feminine dresses, tailored suits and loafers,” were thought to be one of the year’s “most bankable” trends. During the 2022 holiday season, brooches reportedly increased in demand by 27%.

As requested by one TikTok user, Esme Carpenter (@esmecarpenter) took to the digital platform on Sept. 22 to style thrifted brooches 15 different ways.

Carpenter began with “the most obvious and easy way,” which is by using a single gold statement brooch to pin a cardigan closed, while still letting the top beneath peek through.

“Like, how cute is that? Almost looks like jewelry. I still love to use them when I throw a sweater on. This one’s an eagle with a little pearl,” she said of another brooch in her collection, which she used to secure a sweater draped over her shoulders.

Carpenter also recommended the use of vintage earring studs that are in a similar style as your chosen brooch. While the brooch can be used to close a cardigan, each earring stud can be placed on a pocket. Similarly, using colored earring studs, rather than solid gold, for instance, is one way to “incorporate some color” and “visual interest” into your outfit without spending “a ton on other coordinating accessories.”

The earrings, she added, can function as “mock cuff links” too, and can replace buttons on garments you know you aren’t going to actually button closed.

Given that “floral embellishments are also really big this year,” Carpenter suggested taking a larger, gold flower brooch and pinning it to the collar of a plain turtleneck for a touch of detail.

“Some of y’all might not like this but I also think it looks kind of cool on a sweatshirt. This is giving vintage coastal something vibes,” she said before pinning a statement swordfish brooch to the center front of a crewneck. “You can also make any sweater more of a graphic sweater.”

Brooches don’t have to be used exclusively on tops or sweaters.

“You could add it as a little embellishment on a hat,” she demonstrated on a beanie. “Gold looks really good against denim … I think it makes things so much more interesting.”

However, Carpenter urged others to refrain from using brooches or earrings on materials like leather and suede.

“You just need to have a little bit of elasticity or some sort of weave so that you don’t poke holes through things,” she cautioned.

With more than 796,400 views and 112,900 likes, it seems Carpenter’s styling video has captured the attention of many brooch-enthused creators. Some have even declared that they’re going to hunt for vintage brooches thanks to her.

“You have single-handedly made me fall in love with brooches,” @asksunshinemedia wrote in response to Carpenter’s video.

“This is…….. game changing,” @emilywantsflowers added. To this, Carpenter replied, “Life is better with brooches.”

“My mom passed away last year and she used to do this with all her broaches. This reminded me of her, thank you,” @spookyjj commented.

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