How Craig Conover Won Southern Charm Season 9

Craig Conover
(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Bravo via Getty Images)
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I would never have bet good money that Southern Charm star Craig Conover would have turned, for all intents and purposes, from an officer to a gentleman. Craig started off his time on the Bravo series as a bit of a wannabe loner. He left the family nest with no direct life path and could put Peter Pan to shame. He often lied about his studies and ability to practice law and was often guided by the wise words of Cameran Eubanks.

Drinking and partying became his way of life. During the early seasons, Craig was seen as a lost cause whom Shep Rose often picked on. His relationship with Naomie Olindo encompassed everything that was bad about Craig as he threw everything he had into making her happy. Nothing seemed to go his way until Ms. Pat asked for a specialized dog pillow, and everything changed.

Craig Is the Unsung Hero

I knew Craig was gonna be a lifer on Bravo when the words “What’s wrong with my sewing?” left his mouth. After finally passing the bar and embracing his line of pillows, Craig’s popularity has skyrocketed. Before the premiere of Southern Charm Season 9, Craig told Us Weekly, “Fortunately, I’ve grown up a little bit, so my behavior has changed, hopefully for the better, but it’s just me being myself.”

And boy, he has grown up a bit and actually became the voice of reason amongst the mischievous Charmers. For each episode, Craig has rained home truth bombs on each of his friends. Sadly, no one has been taking him seriously though.

Is Craig the Perfect Guy?

Well, Paige DeSorbo certainly thinks so when it comes to her dashing beau. The latest season has shown Craig in a new light, including a homeowner and a devoted boyfriend. After buying his dream home and gutting it, Craig has made sure to include his East Coast girlfriend’s style every step of the way. While past-Craig would have been building a beer tower, current-Craig is looking at swatches and at-home spas. Who thought I would be aspiring to be just like Craig and not Martha Stewart?

Bring In the Clowns

Line after line delivered by Craig has been golden as the humor has radiated through his thoughts. Most of the time, his quips are aimed at Austen Kroll, who is very deserving of them. One moment from the season showed Craig mocking Austen’s ability to lie, saying, “You only have to watch a handful of spy movies to know if you look down and to the left, that means you’re lying.” The Deleware native went on to say, “Watch any show where there’s an interrogation, and they’ll talk about it. It’s based on something!.”

Perhaps the funniest line came from a confessional when Craig shared, “It’s just such a beautiful train wreck. You know, no one really gets hurt in the train wreck, but like a lot of things, catch fire and blow up.” Craig gives Jim Carey a run for his money. And who could forget the tin foil hat BBQ and Craig’s conspiracy theories?

Craig Is a Style Icon

In 2014, Craig was all about popped collars and boat shoes. But in Season 9, Craig could possibly be misconstrued as a GQ model. While he is no JFK Jr., Craig is looking pretty dapper as of late. This season, Craig has shown off his designer tags, including Kenny Flowers, Rodd and Gunn, and Coco Cabana. Also, fans learned the beard is in with Craig embracing his new facial hair as a major accessory.

Love and Marriage

Southern Charm Season 9 showed how fast Craig’s biological clock was ticking, and boy, it was loud. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, with Paige not wanting to really hear about Craig’s desire for a family. So instead, viewers of Southern Charm were let into their inner circle as the Sewing Down South owner shared how he desperately wanted to be married and start a family.

It was heartwarming to hear Craig confess, “I want that storybook life. I do want the white picket fence. I just want to make sure we continue to trend in that direction.” Here’s hoping Craig gets his white wedding dreams cause he sure made our Season 9 dreams come true.


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