Craig Conover Responds to Paige DeSorbo Cheating Accusations

Craig Conover
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Taylor Ann Green gave a rather appalling display during the Southern Charm Season 9 premiere. And here it seemed that the drama would come from Austen Kroll meeting Madison LeCroy’s husband for the first time.

The cast seemed intuitive to the fact that Taylor was still raw and upset about her breakup with Shep Rose. But when she gifted Madison and Brett Randle a dildo while referencing her failed relationship, it was a sure sign of trouble ahead.

However, viewers were expecting Taylor to go after Shep himself, not Craig Conover. Yet there she went, losing her composure on the Sewing Down South founder. His offense? Not informing Taylor of certain instances of Shep’s dalliances.

In an act of retaliation, Taylor raged that Craig’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo, was cheating on him. Fellow partygoers were shocked at the statement, but no one gave it any credence. But now, Craig is responding to the episode and defending his relationship.

Craig promises a “quick conclusion”

In an exclusive statement to E! News, Craig explained his subdued reaction. He said, “It was just sad for me because I think I realized in that moment how lost Taylor really is. I care about her and I was like, ‘Man, you’re really struggling.'”

Indeed, Taylor was handled with kid gloves. No one called her out on it in the moment save for Madison, who was hosting her wedding reception. For his part, Craig was empathetic.

“She thought she was gonna get married to Shep and he had cheated on her multiple times,” Craig said. “I’ve been cheated on before. That will really turn your world upside down and everything that you think you know about the world. So, she’s dealing with that.

“To say that about Paige — my reaction, the reason I walked away was because there was nothing I could do to help her in that moment,” he continued. “I kinda laughed because I was like, ‘Me and Paige just sit on her couch and watch TV.’ It would be a little hard for either of us to be out there being secretive. I don’t think that comes with this territory anymore.”

Craig “obviously” had to let Paige know

Taylor’s accusation was more of a projection of her own grievances. It was so ridiculous that Paige herself did not feel offended.

“Obviously, I had to tell Paige what someone was saying about her. But she had a similar reaction,” Craig explained.

Just as Shep promised fans that his interactions with Taylor get better as the season progresses, Craig said the same thing about himself. And this fight was resolved quickly.

“It comes to a quick conclusion in episode two, which is good,” Craig promised.

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