Courtney Love Hasn’t Given Up Hope That Marlon Brando Might Still Be Her Grandpa

Courtney Love is still convinced that the late Marlon Brando is her grandfather. On March 1, Love’s grandmother, the celebrated writer Paula Fox, passed away.

Page Six reports that Love posted on Facebook that Fox “went to her grave still not telling me and my brothers and sisters who is grandpa. … I’m sticking with Brando. It’s very probable.”

It appears that post was removed, and Love’s theory of her lineage is fraught with complications. Her grandmother and Brando were close friends during the 1940s and Love’s mother, Linda Carroll, was given up for adoption by Fox when the writer was 19.

But in 2003, Carroll said of the rumors, “It’s crazy. It’s not true.” Love and Fox didn’t have a warm relationship, and the author once called her granddaughter “awful” and “terrible.”

In 2016, Love recalled to the Observer that one time she had the chance to steal Brando’s toothbrush for DNA testing but she didn’t, and therefore, no scientific evidence exists.

Nick Cannon wants you to know he’s always been crazy:

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