Courteney Cox Makes the 'Greatest Steak of All Time' After Getting the Recipe from Brandi Carlile

Courteney Cox Makes the ‘Greatest Steak of All Time’ — Watch How
Courteney Cox Makes the ‘Greatest Steak of All Time’ — Watch How

Courteney Cox/Instagram

Many home cooks swap recipes with friends — and Courteney Cox is no different.

The Friends alum, who often shares cooking videos on Instagram, posted a clip of herself making "the best steaks ever," a recipe that Grammy-winning singer Brandi Carlile gave her.

"I'm gonna make the greatest steak of all time. I thought that my recipe was good, but I actually got this from Brandi Carlile — and hers is better than mine," Cox said as she introduced the tutorial.

She started by sprinkling the steaks with truffle oil, salt and ground pepper before adding an unexpected combination. "Freshly ground coffee — put it all over the steak. You take brown sugar. Then you do the same thing on the other side," she said.

While prepping the meaty main, Cox also made mashed cauliflower. She cut off the florets, mashed them with an immersion blender and then added a dollop of cream cheese before licking the remnants off of the spoon.

Once that was set, she sprinkled asparagus with a time-saving seasoning. "You can chop garlic, you can put salt on it or you can just do this," she said as she waved a bottle of garlic salt at the camera.

Wearing a red apron, the actress took her sides and main dish out to the grill where she let the steaks sizzle three minutes on each side.

"I'm not a chef. I just make things that taste good," she said while flipping the asparagus. To close out the fun Instagram post, she showed off her carefully plated dish to the camera complete with slices of Carlile's steak. "Here it is," she said. The actress shared the full recipe in the caption.

Cox and Carlile's friendship all started with a DM on Instagram, according to a July 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly. After the singer saw Cox playing her song, "The Joke," on the piano, she reached out and said the cover was "astonishing."

"It was just great. Courteney's a badass piano player. So we met on Instagram and bonded over piano music," she told EW.

They collaborated on Carlile's music video for "Right on Time," which Cox directed last summer.

"As soon as I heard what she wanted to do, I was like, 'That is it, that's the video,'" Carlile told the outlet.

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Cox often shares playful videos to her Instagram be it playing the piano or crafting something up in the kitchen.

Last summer, she posted one of her favorite recipes for a lunchtime snack, which she dubbed the "Alabama Roll."

"This is a California Roll," she began the video, holding up a dish filled with sushi. "We didn't have these where I grew up."

Instead, the Birmingham native shared one snack that she did eat then — and now. Cox added mayonnaise and mustard to a slice of turkey before crushing some Fritos corn chips on top. She then topped it off with a slice of cheese and some avocado before rolling up the slice of turkey.

"It's more of a hand roll than a cut roll, but Nobu should definitely put it on their menu," Cox joked as she took a bite of the finished product. "California Roll? Nah.. I'm more of an Alabama Roll kinda girl. 🤠"