'The Courier' sneak peek: Benedict Cumberbatch and his character

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Learn how Benedict Cumberbatch got into character for the new drama, 'The Courier'

Video Transcript

BEN PUGH: The first time I read the script and talked to Dominic, we both thought of Benedict and no one else.

- I had worked with Benedict Cumberbatch a few times. I worked with him twice, or three times, as a director and also produced a play that he was in. So we went back a long way and had a very good working relationship, and I thought he was perfect for the movie. So I sent the script to him and he liked it.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: Dominic Cook pitched the idea of this character who-- he's extraordinary because he's so ordinary, because he's so far from our perceived image of what a spy character is, or a hero even is. He has no expertise or skill set that is related to what he's asked to do, and Penkovsky's high ranking KGB Colonel, it takes a long process of vetting and checking and other people being approached before it's Greville Wynne. He chooses him.

- Your proposal is interesting. Would you like to have lunch?

- Of course.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: Greville is perfect for Penkovsky, not just because of the character fit, but because he is an ordinary salesman. He's a businessman. He's without any suspicion. And--

- You have a lovely family.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH: --there's just this very platonic love that builds between the two of them. I just thought, what an extraordinary story to tell.

- You must come and visit with your family, please. I would like this very much.

- I would like that too.