Couple Gets Engaged at Festival Held in Liverpool as Post-Lockdown 'Pilot'

A couple got engaged at a music festival in Liverpool, England, on May 2. The outdoor concert at Sefton Park was held as part of a pilot program examining the risks of transmission of COVID-19 at public gatherings without masks or social distancing.

In the video, music lover Jimmy Overill proposes to his partner Ria Griffiths as the band Blossoms starts to play. He told Storyful he and Griffiths have been fans of the band since they first met at university.

The pair recently welcomed a baby girl and Overill believes she recognizes the songs because the couple played their music throughout Griffiths’ pregnancy and the baby bops along to their music over breakfast.

Overill heard the band would be playing at the festival and thought it would be the perfect moment to propose. He planned the proposal for two weeks and gave Griffiths a family heirloom ring that most recently belonged to her grandmother.

“I waited until the start of their first song so then we could enjoy a live Blossoms gig as an engaged couple. We’ve been together for seven years,” Overill said.

Attendees were not required to wear face coverings or maintain social distancing. However, they had to be over 18, live in the Liverpool City Region and be registered to a local GP, and show no symptoms of COVID-19.

The event was held as part of the British government’s Events Research Programme. Credit: Jimmy Overill via Storyful