Could Beyonce & Drake’s Albums Help Bring Pop Music Back to the Dance Floor?

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Two of the biggest albums of the summer — Drake‘s June release Honestly, Nevermind and Beyoncé‘s Renaissance, out this Friday — find a pair of A-list superstars channeling house music for the very first time. So will all of pop music soon follow their lead?

On the new Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Katie & Keith are joined by another Katie — Billboard dance director Katie Bain — to break down both projects, how they’ve been received by the dance music world, and how they could potentially impact pop music to come. Back when house music last ruled top 40 radio, in the early to mid-1990s, chart-toppers by the likes of Robin S. were followed by the Eurodance trend of Culture Beat or La Bouche. Could something similar be in store for pop music this time around?

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Listen to the show below to hear our full discussion:

Also on the show, we’ve got a Chart Stat of the Week about the late, great Prince and his delightfully eccentric Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Batdance” from the soundtrack of Tim Burton’s Batman.

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