This Costco Food Court Fave Is Back and Better Than Ever

Run, don't walk to your nearest Costco.



Everyone knows no trip to Costco is complete without a stop at the food court—because why use the groceries you just bought when you can have delicious ready-to-eat meals at the actual store? However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers were disappointed to see that some beloved food court items were removed to help stop the spread of the virus.

But just when we thought it was time to cut our losses, Costco started bringing back some of its “discontinued” items. It started with the diced onions used for topping the famous Costco hot dog, and now Costco has quietly brought back another fan-favorite item.

Actually, not only did they bring it back, but they also improved it, according to one Costco customer. The item? The Chicken Caesar Salad.

@costcohotfinds posted a video on Instagram sharing that the salad was back at Costco’s food court after nearly three years—plus, “it’s new and improved,” she said.

The salad received a name change, now called the Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salad, because instead of topping with strips of dry chicken, the salad is now made with Costco’s infamous rotisserie chicken meat.

In addition to the rotisserie chicken, the salad is complete with romaine, Parmesan cheese, creamy Caesar dressing, and croutons—it no longer includes tomatoes.

However, with the upgraded chicken does come an increase in price. Caesar fans may recall the salad being $3.99 pre-pandemic, and it’s now $6.99. The $3 jump is a tad steep—despite @costcohotfinds saying the salad was big enough for her to have leftovers to take home—but it's not too big of a surprise, considering that Costco increased the price of its Chicken Bake and 20-ounce soda last summer.

It’s obviously not the cheapest thing on the menu—how can you compete with the $1.50 hot dog combo—but it’s a good option for a full, balanced meal.

More importantly, however, with two items making a return in the same month, there’s hope that some of your other favorite Costco food court finds will be back before you know it.