Cory Booker calls Jill Biden's advice to voters 'frightening'

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Cory Booker joined CNN Tonight With Don Lemon where he responded to recent “electability” comments made by Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden. On Monday, while addressing potential voters in New Hampshire, the former second lady suggested voters may need to look beyond policy in favor of a candidate who can defeat Trump.

Booker called Jill's advice to voters "frightening," adding, "Democrats shouldn't modulate our values or try to triangulate our policy positions based upon what some pundits say is electability."

When discussing Joe's double-digit lead in the CNN poll, Booker offered up a cautionary history lesson. "I think Joe Biden should be worried because, in my lifetime, I don't think before Carter, we haven't had a person who was leading in the polls this far-out who's ever gone on to be president from our party," Booker explained.

Booker, who is currently at 2 percent in the polls, cited past Democratic presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, who were all considered “underdogs” at this stage of their campaigns.

Booker wasn't the only Democratic candidate to respond to Jill's comments. Earlier on AC360, Julián Castro, who just qualified for the September debates, told Anderson Cooper that there are several candidates, including himself, that can defeat Trump. "I believe that I'm actually the party's best chance, for instance, to go and get the 11 electoral votes of Arizona and 29 votes of Florida and my home state of Texas, in addition to going back and getting Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania," added Castro.

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