Corteiz Locked Down London Over The Weekend With Its ‘BOLO Exchange’

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London-based streetwear brand Corteiz sent social media into an absolute frenzy over the weekend after shutting down the city with its ‘BOLO Exchange’.

The event saw hundreds of followers of the rapidly rising imprint exchange jackets from brands such as North Face, Stussy, C.P. Company, Moncler and Supreme in exchange for CRTZ’s new puffer jacket—the ‘Bolo’—in Wormwood Scrubs car park near White City, West London.

Corteiz has enjoyed a rapid ascension over the past few years, with the brand now regularly selling out of pieces within minutes and generating tens of thousands of site visits on release dates from their online site. The brand was co-signed by late Louis Vuitton creative director and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh before his untimely passing, calling Corteiz’s rise “inevitable” in his cover story for skate magazine Sneeze last year.

After envisaging the scheme in October of last year, company founder Clint actioned out the plan by pulling up in a white van with Bolo jackets, which he then swapped with hundreds of Corteiz supporters who descended on the site within minutes of the location being broadcast on socials.

Corteiz refused to accept exchanges from Black-owned UK brands, such as Trapstar, Benjart or PLACES+FACES, instead only taking authentic swaps from bigger-scale corporate brands. The label’s following duly bought into the hype, with jackets such as Nike’s NOCTA puffer jacket—currently valued at over £700 on StockX—happily being swapped for Bolo jackets.

The event not only showcased a bonafide marketing masterclass, but cemented the status Corteiz now sits in as one of the most dominant streetwear imprints in the UK. With pieces becoming increasingly harder to get in the current hype surrounding the brand, the exchange was a sturdy power play from Corteiz right in the face of their competitors to kick off 2022.

Despite there being mass hysteria online over fans trading up high-value coats in exchange for Corteiz pieces, Bolo jackets are now currently reselling on Depop for £500, illustrating the demand and dominance of the brand in the UK right now.

UPDATE (Jan. 25): Corteiz founder Clint took to Twitter to let everyone know exactly where the £16,000 worth of swapped jackets from the ‘BOLO Exchange’ went to: the homeless, via London-based charity St. Lawrence’s Larder.