Corey Holcomb Criticized For Calling Daughter A B**ch: “I’ll Go Make Another”

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Corey Holcomb has come under fire after referring to his daughter as a “bi**h” during a tirade about the disrespectful nature of children and young adults.

During a recent episode of The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show that aired on Tuesday (Jan. 23), the Wild ‘N Out star began verbally lashing out at his daughter while speaking on their relationship. He began by recalling an encounter between him and his daughter, who was unnamed, during which they got in a verbal exchange regarding his parental role in her life.

“My motherf**king daughter was talking sh*t the other day,” Holcomb told cohosts Darlene Ortiz, Kraig Smith, and Marcus Smith. “I was like, ‘Bi**h, I don’t know you.'” He then touched on the lack of a relationship between him and his daughter’s mother, Maya Holcomb, whom he reportedly wed in 2010.

Corey Holcomb Wearing White Jacket And Blue Hoodie
Corey Holcomb Wearing White Jacket And Blue Hoodie

“I brought it up because she tried to run a game on me like she was brought up by her mama, instead of realizing I got away from her mama ’cause I don’t speak to her mama. She be like, ‘I know you hate mama.’ I be like, ‘Bi**h, I ain’t got time to hate nobody,’” the podcaster noted.

“Your mama was drama. Now, all these years later, you’re just like your mama. Both of y’all can kiss my motherf**king a**. I’ll go make another daughter,” he added. The Chicago native says he has no shame for his stance regarding certain members of his family, even in light of his mother’s attempts to encourage him to act otherwise.

“If you ain’t good, as a person, no matter who you are, I have a cutoff switch God blessed me with, to say f**k you motherf**cker. I don’t give a f*ck if it’s my kid. My motherf**king mama [said], ‘You know your daughter trying to get in touch with you.’ I said, ‘Aww, mama… you watch that little bi**h,'” Holcomb said.

Corey Holcomb Performing Onstage
Corey Holcomb Performing Onstage

He attributed his daughter’s alleged disposition with being raised in the current climate, as there seems to be a perceived lack of respect for authority among the youth. “That bi**h was brought up in this new generation, where there is no honor, there is no respect thy parents,” he asserted. “The way the youngsters are brought up now, they will f**k over the mama and daddy quicker than they f**k over somebody in the streets.”

Holcomb also accused his daughter of publicly discrediting him in an attempt to negatively impact his public image, insinuating that the relationship between him, her, and her mother is beyond repair. “If you are so hellbent on making me a villain and saying I did you wrong, get the f**k away from me,” he said.

“I didn’t love your mama… you just popped up on a ni**a. I tried to show you love. You come out here, I did all this sh*t for her, she was still talking sh*t. I’m not like everybody else, I don’t need your acceptance. My mama said to me today, ‘Corey, later in life, you might need your daughter.’ I said, ‘If I need that bi**h, I’m done for!”

See the latest episode of The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show below.

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