Corden Roasts Boris Johnson for Joining Police Raid: ‘Is It Already Take-Your-Failed-Prime-Minister-to-Work Day?’ (Video)

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James Corden had a pretty good laugh at Boris Johnson on Wednesday night’s “The Late Late Show,” after the soon-to-be-former Prime Minister was spotted as part of a police raid this week.

On Wednesday morning, a video from a man in South London went viral, showing footage of a police raid that woke him up early in the morning. But it wasn’t the excitement of the raid itself that grabbed people’s eyes, it was who was on it. As the man made his way through his home to investigate the noises outside his door, he opened the door to see Boris Johnson suited up alongside police.

In the footage, Johnson cheerily says “Good morning, how are you doing?” to the man, before continuing on with the police.

“Boris Johnson on a police raid!” Corden marveled. “Is it already ‘Take Your Failed Prime Minister to Work’ Day?”

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Johnson resigned from his post earlier this summer, bowing to public pressure to do so after a series of publicity blunders. Johnson drew the most criticism for his behavior during the early days of the pandemic, where he lied about holding office parties amid strict lockdowns for the rest of the country.

In July, Johnson faced more anger after it was disclosed that he knew about sexual misconduct allegations against deputy chief whip Chris Pincher before Johnson promoted Pincher (Pincher later resigned while denying that he had groped two young men in a club).

Now obviously, Corden would be pretty familiar with Boris Johnson, considering where he’s from. But the late night host had a hunch that many of his American viewers wouldn’t know much about Johnson, so he offered some quick insight.

“Now, in case anyone here in America doesn’t know about Boris Johnson, I think ‘Guy Who Gets Made Fun of While on a Police Raid That He Joined for Some Unknown Reason’ is a pretty good description,” Corden joked.

That said, Corden did admit that there might be some comfort in having someone like Johnson on the raid, particularly for the person being raided.

“I got to say though, you do want a bumbling posh person,” he said. “That’s exactly what you want during a police raid is a bumbling posh person. Just nullifies everything!”

From there, Corden busted out his best impersonation of Johnson, acting out what he figured would happen in a conversation with the Prime Minister during a raid. You can check out the full segment in the video above.

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