Cordae Says He Has a Project Worth of Songs with Anderson .Paak Produced by J. Cole

Image via Getty/Josh Brasted/
Image via Getty/Josh Brasted/

Cordae says he recorded an EP’s worth of songs with Anderson .Paak, all of which were produced by J. Cole.

Cordae sat down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to talk about his new track with the Silk Sonic crooner “Two Tens,” which he said is just one of 180 songs that he recorded last year.

“I made a lot of songs last year. I think last year I recorded literally 180 songs, which I know some artists record like a thousand songs,” Cordae said. “But it feels like that’s the most songs I recorded in the year, for sure. And last year it was also the most touring I did. So I’m proud of myself for still recording 180 songs.”

He continued, “I got a lot of good shit, bro, that I’m happy about. So just trying to make it better, bro. Just never being satisfied. And really, bro, it may be to a fault or a good thing, but I’m a people pleaser, bro. So I really want to just make good music that the fans love, bro. I just don’t want to disappoint anybody, for real.”

The North Carolina rapper went on to say that he’s struck up a genuine friendship with Anderson .Paak and said the duo’s chemistry together is undeniable.

“You know what’s funny, we literally got a mix tape full of joints with me and Pac,” Cordae said. “Yeah. We literally got a mix tape full of joints of me and Pac on… Well we got an EP full of joints with me, Pac, and Cole Beats.”

He added, “You know what, it’s because this is really my friend…He’s really like my real friend, like my brother. And real, and I don’t like… Everybody be, other artists be like, oh that’s my brother, or, oh that’s my man. And saying that shit just to sound cool. I don’t really have too many friends, to be honest. He’s one of my real life genuine friends. You know what I’m saying? And so I say that to say, that’s where it comes from, bro.”

This isn’t the first time Paak and Cordae have linked up for a song. The pair recorded 2019’s “RNP” off of Cordae’s debut The Lost Boy. “Two Tens” follows Cordae’s 2022 sophomore effort From a Birds Eye View, which featured guest appearances from Lil Wayne and Gunna, among others. In August, Cordae followed that up with two new songs, “Unacceptable” and “So With That.”

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